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Less than the full amount well, that it can be a viable option. But first off, not everyone's going to qualify. But if you do and you meet criteria Then you can settle the full amount for less than what you also somebody that might have owed $100,000, based on what's called the regional collection, potential ability to pay. Settle for something less than that amount. Now the problem is with the state. They do offer them but few and far between, just based on my experience with them. On the Irish. On the other hand, they have black and white guideline. And if you meet the criteria, I can almost guarantee you that if you meet that criteria, you will have an offer accepted through the Internal Revenue Service. But there are always twisting turns. A lot of things are based on facts and circumstances. Any time you're dealing with facts and circumstances, there could be in different interpretations of how that would work. Do us a favor. David Ramirez tax police services joining us very, very, very helpful. David is a consummate professional and unbelievable knowledge and ability to help you navigate. Through tax issues. Ah, talk to folks right now. David, who are listening? That may not have even filed not just the past year, but perhaps even years passed. Well, what that don't fill that You're not going that No one's going to come after you. Just because you haven't received a notice now like that does not mean that they're not looking at it. And many of you out there. Do you know that you have filed, But things have gone on in someone's life may be a divorce a death in the family illness and it prevented them from filing. And one year turns into three turns into five. The first thing I'd want to suggest is that you find a qualified tax professional. Just because somebody says that they can help. You does not mean that they could do that Lot times. People will go to their friends and their failure. I can help you or Joe down the street. He works out of his garage. You can help you. Many times I find that they go to these inexperience individuals and they end up causing more problems than what they saw. First off with Irish state You never give them or than what they're asking for, and many times I've seen clients file Left. 15 years work the returns. And the Iris was not looking for that. But once you file those, you can't undo them. Also before you file, you want to have a game plan and that became dust. That's what we helpyou D'oh. You determine what your situation is. We determine what needs to be done that once we've done that, what options are available to you? Because there's there's lots of options. I'm what's called an amended return to anod every consideration to an offer in compromise to a penalty abatement. Ah to an appeal. And potentially bankrupt bankruptcy might be an option. So there's lots of things that could be done. If you know what your situation is. I'd like Tio before we take a very short break. I'd like for you to share more of your background, especially being a former IRS agent, David Okay? Sure. I was work for the Internal Revenue Service in examine taxpayer service for nearly eight years. And that was in southern California. I moved to Hawaii in 2001, where I met my lovely wife and we got married. And I've been in practice here since then, on Barry, Kanye, Um I have a law degree with a specialization in taxation I'mjust, not currently a practicing attorney. I must report to us in our old agents have a master's in tax. I'm an author on tax publications on dealing with direst. And I have Ah, I'm also the only known It was called the United States Tax Court practitioners. It means I can actually represent my tax. Mike Mike line intact Court if we need to. I would like to for a friends on Facebook alive. I'm holding up three. Publication's authored by David Ramirez. One is IRS Penalty Relief Handbook. First time abatement procedure. The second is IRS online services. Tax in account transcripts made easy from David. And the other quite simply, I r s tax problems. Question Mark. These three Ah, publications. They're very good. But quick read. And you've done it in a way, David, that even a layman like myself, actually, Khun, follow and understand. How can our listeners obtain one or all three Of these books. They're directly available from us at our office at 12, 59 South Canyon, or they're available on Amazon. You just do a Google search and search for David Ramirez. For the title of one of our publications, and there would be available and I did try to make them it is Ah ah, user friendly and easy to understand from a from a layman's point of view. Love times, things very technical, and I tried to Make it in the simplest terms possible so that basically anybody could understand even if they had no tax background, right? Definitely you. Did you accomplish that without a doubt. We'll take a short break with David David. What's your telephone number at tax relief services? It's 589 23 22 589 23 22 Offices open What hours Normally we're.

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