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First one is up it in. Well, the free throw disparity, starting to even add a little bit the Mavericks perfect 10 of 10 from the line. The Nuggets, now seven of eight, and then Gary Harris looks over the bench. He does that Michael Jordan. I mean, I don't know what video You get the assist for that? By the way, they were still six seconds on this weather. Yeah, with his head, dodge. His body clock was off, Don't you, Chazz it on the high left side. Throws back behind him over to James Johnson. James Johnson gets down the lane and you dumped at home Trey Burke into the game now for Dallas and back. The other way comes Denver conceded by 10 High right side. His composite Apostle whips it over to Michael Green. He's open three pointers. Good and eating. Said Yes, sir. 13 Point lead for number 57 to 44 Tell you what if I didn't think it looks like the Mavericks are giving the Nuggets threes in this game? Their defense is absolutely arrivals. There's a foul on Denver. Not sure about that call from Haywoode Workman on Gary Harris. I mean, you know, that's the second time in this game. You can't you can't breathe on Lookout. Yeah, That's the second time where a nugget player has been whistled for a foul on Luca and very rarely do the Nuggets like Get all animated after giving whistled to Michael Green never gets animated. He did there. He's upset over that call. There we go. James Johnson looks in. See if the ball lies inbound to will. Willie Cauley Stein Top the key to Trey Burke. Burke has it over to don church, Dante. It's guarded by Gary Harris. Don't breathe on him through the window over the Stein lay up. No good in a foul again on Denver. This'll was gonna be a Michael Porter Jr Well, the Nuggets chose to double Luca high that time and Willie Cauley Stein will accept that gift. He'll go to the free throw line. Not about foul shooter either. So far in this game two for two from the stripe, he'll get a couple of them here. Is he wearing the mouthpiece grill like Reggie Evans? Yeah, I think he is. I don't know. Yeah. Free throw number one form is on the way and that one's no good. I just jeans come real good. Well, he's only 59% on the year. Yeah, jinxed him real good there cause he came over from Golden State last January for a second round pick, and he re signed with Dallas in the off season, and he just bricked both of them. Two year 8.2 million. Coli. Yokich Back on the floor here for Denver. High right side is Michael Porter back behind him over to Monte Moore's nuggets leading by 13. Monte has it on the high right side. High pick from Joker throws it off the porter. Order. Backdoor cut, Murray loses the basketball. Denver turns it over in the front court catching go, Trey Burke on the way up is up. And in that last pass a little behind Jamal from Michael. Put that on the spot. That's an easy layup. Yoka, Chazz and hands it off behind him to Jamal Murray goes baseline goes all the way through the Wayne. They stops on. Luca brings him back out to the shake gets a high pick from the Cold War. He rejects it. And now he's guarded by Willie Cauley Stein Lot of Jamal Murray here up in under fighting the clock and he misses it. And the rebound comes down on traffic to you Wonder outlet pass off over the Luca Luca, stop by Nicola Yokich. She's in the high post walked again throws out of it behind him. Change Johnson catch and go in the corner. It wouldn't do Has it left side Burke and three That was so good. Nicola yoke its gets the rebound 4.5 left to go in the first half. Joker shovel pass off over to Jamal Murray Murray guarded by Dahntay. It's through the window back over the Joker. Backdoor Cut. No. Two hands by Michael Porter Jr. Oh, I'm out Rick Carline, another's back up by 13 that was extra animated. After that, don't want.

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