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Less. Add value again. I don't wanna feel bullied into taking a call with you and the uae's thirty minutes of my time that could have been an email this this bad practice and no one wants that a friend would want that your business partner wouldn't want that perspective personnages selling something to you've lost that sale that a lot as well. Can we jump on a thirty minute call. And it's like. I have to ask complimentary questions as to. What does this call in tail. We cut the no. You know i could be wasting your time. You could be having this whole thirty minute spiel about why. Your client is great or why. The story is great and we could. I could have emailed. You said i don't even cover that patients. Don't cover that i can refer. You may be In i actually polite and kind because there are some editors in i've worked for bosses who literally like i don't have time for this dilly like they won't even give you a conversation. They won't give you reason. You just never know why your emails are not getting return so but you have to now that a lot of times when you're nice about it. Some people handle stress more better than others so you you can help us. But the average they're probably getting about. Maybe a hundred to two hundred to three hundred pitches a day a day so they have to know how the sword and we in and say no right away so they can get to the yes and so i always tell my clients especially those in ready set. Go speak Membership community that began. Okay with the nose. Be okay with the knows. They have too much on their plate there on deadline i tell him i said they are not in business to make you famous. This is their job. Their job is to do the best thing that they can do for their audience. They have to please end their boss. Okay so if you're going to be their friend make them look good. Make their job easier. That's it and so a good story will help. And i tell this december two author sue. You only know a good story when you read a good story. You only know good book when you read a good book. Bombers book was good. Okay compared to like if you don't know you want to write a book in this like i don't want to write a book but you've never read a good book so you don't even know what a bestseller sounds like. So you want to pick somebody a good story but you don't know how their story sound in their own publication or on their own. You know network. So i was like the story find that. What is it that they're saying. What's what is their interest. What is their angle. What are they what are they trying to feed their audience young europe and that's true and you know what thanksgiving is coming up. You make a great analogy because it's like also you don't have to beat the turkey you could be the candy yams you know. Why not present yourself as an expert for a supplementary feature. Some people feel like if they can't get the cover or they're not gonna. And sometimes i would love to make certain people the feature but my editor has told me. No we need five different voices for this so brought on the opportunity. Because you wanna be the star. It's like you consume still shine ending still bills or relationship. I'm the type of journal are like this. Here's another thing people..

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