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All about like, isn't robots, basically telling you that you're never going to have parents and never. Right? Like they're a couple has a son who's ill and in a coma. So he replaced the sun with the robot, and then the other son wakes up and they have to get rid of the robot. And then he goes on this odyssey, right? The very end, isn't it? Like all of humanity is dead. Trapped? Yes. And they're trying to say like, well, you're never going to be happy again. Yes, pretty much the ended up you love been dead for two thousand. So I just testing. Blu Ray player in KU up. Is there like trying to read but then watches? And she's, she goes, what the fuck is this. Really percents greater. Is is cool. I haven't seen it since I remember I've went the day at game out, hey, hey, but I shot a scene for that movie and then they. Did I ever tell you about how I shot a scene for a, I had like one or two lines, and it was super exciting that got to be set with. Was it like? I'm time. Time, Brian, same times it was down at like an advertising agency, like in Long Beach or something. We were down at the spruce goose dome there. So they probably had some offices or something. I remember seeing you walking like to your trailers, like we were all out. I was with like. What's his name is how many times have we've been like I daily running into Steven. Spielberg was estimates pillar because you're trying to think of? No. Anyway, it was a bunch of us. We had like one or two lines each, and it was a scene where like the main guy, the guy the the William hurt character is like talking about robots or whatever. And we're all like scientists who work there sprinkled throughout. We each have a couple of lines, so so hold day on the set watching deleted scene on the Blu Ray. I got. No, like depressing. Begin six months later. I was at space land of all places seeing think a Rilo Kiley show. And this guy who is background on on the in the scene who I had kind of gotten to know that day came up. He's like, hey, man, where were you? Wait what you mean? He's like, we redid the scene. No. And then I ran another guy from that scene and he also was like, yeah, heard they. So at least I wasn't the only one, but also they recast a lot of people or the just reduced the scene. So it's like five guys sitting around rather than twelve based five guys on five? Yes. And then they started for girls restaurant. Anyway, anyway, I always thought that movie was really weird and but you you were watching it with a grudge as well. I kind of wasn't though you really, hey, whatever who I mean bombed, but also was it was a pleasure just to work with Steve. Right? But it would have been like a line so it wasn't huge. Remember line like, hey, are you a?.

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