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Now, because there's really nothing at night, I think the plan here, there's no we're not competing with an NFL game. There's no delays this time. Barring travel, I guess. Travel maybe, but our plan three 30 eastern two 30 central one 30 mountain 1230 Pacific. God. 1130 Alaskan. Ten 30 Hawaiian Sunday. I got no idea what time we're supposed to be where we're supposed to be. Three 30 eastern provided that Maryland Ohio State doesn't go to overtime and it pushes back my headquarters hit. That is our general target. So if you like to watch the podcast on Sundays or sometimes maybe you can't get to it at night, but the afternoon might be better for you. We don't have a ton to wait around on. So we are gonna go earlier in the day on Sunday and talk about this huge Saturday. We've got going. Now. And one. Again, one game after another after its Illinois Indiana, which goes into Baylor at Kansas, which goes into duke of Carolina, which goes into Kentucky, Alabama, which goes into Gonzaga at B, YU. Ten eastern ESPN on Kyle collinsworth court. Okay. They got the zags by ten. Jet holmgren was insane against San Diego. BYU lost at home to San Francisco, JP. BYU wins this game, then it's, you know, it's resume gets just gigantic boost. Humongous, that loses, cougars might be in some real trouble here. Because here's what's happened as of late. Loss of Santa Clara lost a Pacific quad four loss. That's tough. Loss at home to San Francisco, which was really great for the dawns on Thursday because now USF and BYU they split the series and each one of the other place other teams place. And so now, BOE is going to try and Dodge a four game losing streak. Again, the line Gonzaga on the road minus ten who you got. First off. The Marriott center should be named after Brandon Davies that goes. Kyle collinsworth court, alliteration, Kyle collinsworth court. Let's give you the arena. Well, what is the arena? You've called the jimmer fredette, so. No. To refer to, I mean, he might have had premarital sex, but I don't know anything about it. It's never been written about, but I know Brandon Davies did. He deserves that. Every name and I know you called this place the jimmer for debt center. Well, that's when I was younger. Okay. I've matured as I've gotten older. That's Brandon Davies arena. The Brandon Davies senator. Okay. Sorry, jimmer. Yeah. Timur is the old news. Great. He used to score a lot once upon a time. Ben and David Brandon Davies, actually. Brandon Davies was smashing. Jimmer fredette was scoring, but Brandon Davies was smashing. That's his arena. The Brennan Davies center. Take a BYU, plus the ten. I don't know why. I.

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