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Hot today with areas of smoke and a high of 93 to 97. Tonight will be clear and easy with areas of smoking a little 50 to 62 tomorrow. Sunshine Hazy hot line 93 to 97 macula there. Meteorologist Joe Lundberg News 93.1 currently 66 degrees in Folsom 64 degrees in Sacramento. And here are the stories that are trending on this Monday morning. This morning, California hair salons and barber shops will be open for business kft case. Aubrey Aquino spoke to Anna Toma salon owner who is thrilled to get our clients back in son Thomas's pigtails and Crewcuts hadn't even been opened for a year when the pandemic hit. Its owner, Karen Mo. M. Says. It's been an emotional roller coaster. The way that I'm looking at it is it can only get better from here and, you know, trying to make the most of it. So when we were allowed to open for a short while we did controlled with appointments when we were allowed to operate outdoors, we did. I'm trying to do everything I can. Man to keep my business going. Whatever it takes. The hair salon is known for specializing in kids cuts, but they can take care of grown ups, too. We're also seeing a lot of adults coming in for a haircut, son, especially with Outdoor services. You know a lot of this along, so we're not doing it. So we've been getting a lot of adults in as well that are looking for a place to go and to keep in line with social distancing and frequent cleanups visits right now, or by appointment only Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 kfbk, but it is a different story for Jim's and fitness centers. They are limited to outdoors on Lee. Life time Athletic resort GM Rob JJ, Emily says members are anxious to get back in the building. And he says many people are calling. You have not only seen our members want to come back, we had a considerable amount of folks coming from other Health clubs to come to lifetime because they because of our reputation and our brand image family says that they will be ready to go assume is Governor Newsome gives them the thumbs up. More than 700. Students at Chico State will need to find a new place to live dormitories are closed following the Koven 19 outbreak on campus KFBK is Mike Barker reports. University president Gail Hutchinson says nearly 30 cases of Cove in 19 have been tied to the Chico State campus. With many of the cases reported in on campus dorms. Chico State has only been holding classes for a week. But the troubling trend line has only gotten worse. We're able to slow the spread. I would love to see it come back in the spring. But if not our factory, and staff and students were prepared to continue virtually as long as we need, Teo To control this thing. Last week, Hutchinson warn students to quit partying and holding large gatherings. With the threat of expulsion. Chica state will now hold virtual classes for the rest of the fall semester. Mike Baka News. 93.1 kfbk flavored tobacco products will be banned in California starting January. 1st Kate McKay's Dina Kodiak, with details Governor Gavin Newsom quickly signed the new law after it sailed through the legislature Friday. Senate Bill 7 93 by San Matteo, Democrat Geri Hill outlaws the sale of all flavored tobacco and e cigarette products. The measure is aimed at reducing smoking by teenagers,.

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