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And pterodactyls my dad's rights, by the way, I just read a cute funny. That's what he calls a joke of funny, that seems appropriate to pass onto you. Why wouldn't anyone ever hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom even if humans would have been around at that time? So teach them about word economy, but. Hitting on my ex-wife. No go because actally yes because the P is silent. Why are we still talking about our Dicks? Constantly. So I'm like, all right. Well, this this train of thought is done between me and him. Right. So then I go back to being fake cat. And in response to my dad's saying about making the old man's libido jingle. Yes. Please. That line over every never fails somebody ranks in the room. How Christmas is ruined from even gay right now? Jingo ball falls. In so fake Catherine rights. It sounds like you've been thinking the same thoughts casting ever. Oh, god. Because you know what? She's right. That's what it sounds like. So then my dad rates. Injury in the background, no slash Mon swallowing spit up. No. It's not fiction. We're not just telling stories so we don't know if like to hold you or. Oh, like, oh, why isn't he like reported this to you? So the police. The report at them because he's a curry oh, sorry, one cannot control once thoughts, but we can control our actions. He yes you're right. I haven't jagged it to Jinglin Jim. I get it when he pounds is meet the balls. Go up and down. That's what would be. No jingling is come on. How me out one cannot control once thoughts. Yes, they can like I can't help it either. I've been married for slightly over fifty one years. Well, it's been a day over, but okay, I have not straight, and all those years, and I do not intend to so now. So just to be clear, he's not really my mom. What can we keep it to jingling? You're not going to go to Texas and move in with. We're going to have to stop it at completely inappropriate. You know what I've masturbated to you, but Celo. Ready to commit? Dining. You hold on for a second. The neighbors going to. Firstly. I am married and have a fine wife currently she has some health issues, but such is not unusual at our ages. She has been a very fine wife to me all these many years. And that in and of itself would preclude, my staying faithful to her. This week. Well, okay. Why fine? Why not beautiful wife forever? Like a very caring. And he found all the flora words for your at five bridge. Fine by Sam it's fine. So. She's a DVR. She works definite watch, Michelle. She doesn't make my libido, drink five. She's not in my way. Actually, some health issues, but old bitches are Churchill on the house to myself when I eat my chocolate. Yeah. My wife is fine. Oh, god. But you are scrummed. Second God's commands. Tell us keep such matters in check, otherwise, I'd be all up in your shit. Thirdly, there is something inherently wrong with the man hooking up with his former son's wife, oh someone woke up. He said. The solo sweet. Right. That was not the best one like. Remember? It's Valentine's Day, neck. We must refrain from acting like a read blown in the wind. We might wait. We must refrain from acting like a read blown in the wind. So don't just give up and go with our urge. That's the thing we must refrain. Meaning if they were in front of each other he would think that there was eligible, we mustn't do this. We mustn't do it MAs..

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