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J secular j secular oh is with an organization called the american center for law and justice he's been she council that organisations at nineteen ninety by by and large they focus on free speech and liberty cases he also hosts the daily radio show and apparently donald trump is as impressed as i am because j secular has now joined donald trump's defense team here he was a couple of days ago talking about james comey's opening statement and suggesting that it was a total vindication of president trump joining us now reaction is the american senate belong got the king council gave secular open circuit news dot com sarah carter en bloc anchor an attorney greg jarrett idea let's start with hill what am i missing were my right where my wong on my analysis here well let me tell you what you've got here a total and complete vindication of the president of the united states on any be delegations of trucking of anything and you wonder why donald trump hired this guy and the fact that all the prevalent would clearly not under investigation not a target so all of the left talking point ntt are completely incorrect by game colmey own testimony in britain testimony this now is bad for the country to continue spending report that directing everyone including the congressman from really getting to the people business waste of money but i'm gonna tell you what this is good document right here quote here this is j secular who's now joined the donald trump defense team this is before he joined the team and probably why he has joined the team i suspect donald trump or one of donald trump's aides saw the same thing i saw it no case and by the way couple that dawn with all of the statement from sally wrong all the other side all the intel individual ahead live intelligence james clapper all of them thing no more mortar hall meadow edwin lenin up klein dedide let me in waters all of them don't know yet what you've got it could be closed complete vindication vindicate bully at one other thing her don goodman an obama people get a project that but i wonder what member could i handled it taken.

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