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Very long time. Cy taped fat rolling. My eyes so far back in my hat sunglasses. Now as daggers are shooting out right now repelled by style you always on the record. I never went there without calling my bride at home. Tell her you're married though. We're going to stop in and have a beer the early bar so do you think that we should be at one hundred percent yet like the restaurant should be at one hundred percent and the bar should be open. Yeah Shit I don't pretend to be an expert in either infectious diseases or economics. I thought you were not me but no I I didn't bring my own mask. This morning I've been carrying a BANDANNA around to Because in part because I wanna make anyone else feel uncomfortable right. Yeah because I get to throw off my one liner about no. I'm not that's not for health reasons. I'm here to rob the place okay. Well that's not very funny. Charlie I mean. Come on. Stop that so yeah. That's what they do at the gym now. Thankfully the gym's open back again but a sous as soon as you walk into a round the clock fitness they were taking your temperature like they had that gun thing that take your temperature which I mean. I haven't had my temperature taken since you had to put it in your your underneath. You're just be glad they're not doing it right now. They don't even do that now. They have it on the wall. You Walk into the gym. You turn around and it's on the wall now gone but it's on the wall then you gotTa wear everyone's wearing a mask until they start working out then I mean. How do you work out with a mask on to people beyond the ground you know suffocating so it will be hard for you to imagine that? I don't work out at the time when I wear when I wear the mask. You know. It's a little hard heart after a while for a guy at my advanced there was a guy that came into the gym last night because I went twice yesterday. And he had that mask where they have those two giant tubes coming out like he was a working underground or something getting ready to drill into the ground. It was crazy but I have to tell you that people are not going back to the gym. I mean it's nowhere. It's probably not even thirty percent of what it was before so I mean there's still people won't and they'll things will change gradually. I think it'll it'll happen. So what are you? What are you doing now? Like besides this civic organization where you're trying to change the world. Oh I'm an independent construction contractor myself me and a couple of other guys have a short-list clients. And when they worked on we do it. So you get out there. And you're you're putting the bricks on the walls and I'm not. I'm not having done that for the last couple of months Because you know we had a couple of Nice big jobs lined up that Folks put on hold but Yeah cool between the three of us. We can pretty much do anything the needs done. So David Dorsey. Yeah he's GonNa come on in a couple of weeks because he's got a father's Day book that he wrote a couple of years ago about Lehi his first book the fourth down and Dunbar he's GonNa come on and talk about. He likes every father's Day apparently. Yeah I li hi. What an ASS. I isn't Lehi in off these name. Correct you durant now. Good Lord Stop. I apparently fourth-down Dunbar is about Some bad well done bear. Dunbar's got some bad characters. Nelson did you read it. Oh Yeah I see it. As more about success stories of good came out of the bar and made themselves into success. Oh he was a sports writer. For years and years and years Lawrence Sports centric been trying to convince him to do on podcast. But you know with the newspaper. They got shackles around you. And you can't do. You mean to say shackles. I didn't know that upsets people. But you're not allowed to do anything I mean. The News newspaper has your by the by the The health care by the healthcare. Yes and interestingly enough When I was still working for newspaper was when they were beginning to do the blogging in the twittering. And all that stuff and Tweeting they told us yes. they told us You know the wave of the future is blogging and twittering. And you're not really any good at it. I I had to tell them. Yes you are correct right and I don't plan on getting better. Well here you are construction. When's the organization meeting again? You GotTa do resume now. We got a board meeting coming up this week and we're going to schedule. We're going to schedule a meeting. Which agenda what do you think will be on the agenda? Whatever Bay harbor will be on there? We John Gutierrez radio is a is a member of the organization. And you'll probably tell us what's going on with With the Marguerite Ville saying that Dates A. I think it's six that should be the final court date for for that. So maybe that'll be over with then that'd be nice. I Like I say. We just whatever's going on there's an election coming up on the ten level. I think no no okay. Then it's just the the the commission level. Because I've been hearing from. I hear from candidates all the time. Somebody's people still think journalist. I don't know why well send highway running the come on once they come on when they need you and then you don't hear from them again yes I do. I know exactly what you're talking about so Kevin remains running and we had miss atro- Exxon he's running for for of course Mr today now yeah. There's several of them floating around. How do you think the new councils doing the town council each? Yeah you WanNa know the truth. I have been studiously avoiding the political issues unless they reach out and grabbed me by the neck. Why why do you avoid that? Because I is a make you WanNa busman's holiday is right. No well the Bussmann. An Old England was the guy that drove the bus. And when you were taking holiday what you did. Is You got on the bus? And you went out in the country. So the Bussmann his holiday he doesn't want to get on the bus undrivable. Nicole When I go to local government meetings first of all everybody wants to know why the Hell I'm there. Yeah Which is good for them but there are also expectations. That I'm GonNa do something or write something and I'm not in that business anymore. I love watching meetings. I can watch meetings. I could watch C. Span. It's just I don't know why he's doing it for thirty years and tell me about it. I I used to back to back in my chair. Used to go to the county council meetings and one time we were at a meeting and they asked me what I thought. I was like what that Let. I don't think anything gets part of the public right right all right Charlie. So I will. I do want to say that You know the most recent hearing when referring to as the settlement hearing which isn't really what it was but you know when I got to the county courthouse for the hearing. The Court House was locked when I went inside. The elevators turned off the a. There was no sound system during a meeting there. Nothing was recorded. There was an agreement between the county staff and the developer made before the hearing even began. And nobody knew about it till airing started really so we have procedural issues that we need to explore when it comes to where exactly we are with this thing. See when I hear things like that. I don't actually think think could happen. But then you get a mayor of Detroit like kwami Kilpatrick or blog ravitch and or in Chicago and it does happen but then you know you hear them. Tell their side of the story about how prosecutors too aggressive so I gotta tell you. I don't see this those that situation. I just outlined. I don't see evil intent there. You don't just see that we're in the middle of a pandemic and they handled this badly. I gotcha yeah I watch good point. Yeah right early anything else. You're doing that we can tell people about. That's private and your life scientist working. I just finished a remodeling Mama's kitchen at home. She's really happy about that. You're you're my wife or I would never call your Mama. Wow she's sorry remodel. The kitchen of three five three of our three kids and there's work work yet to do all right. Well we always appreciate you coming on out and gateway we have see as well so Keep US posted on this and we love to have you the guests man. He got killer voice to thank you. Man Thank you and stay. Urged urge people to stay in the involved with their county government. Tell them what you think. You think. This is a great idea. Tell if you think it's a bad idea. Tell them that and by way. Tell them but Brian Hammond and see so pendergrast at least those two. They're active on facebook. I mean men when you when you say something. They answer you individually. I've never seen that before. I mean I've I've never well. Anita does to never seen that on the beach and I've never seen that before. I got here but they don't miss beaten if they don't agree with you they'll they'll tell you they don't agree with you which is Kinda cool. There's some strengths there. And course naturally their issues with that kind of thing to you know you don't really when you're arguing with an individual. You're not really getting much of the flavor of the right unity arguing with some people. Just want to argue and you're doing it online where you're missing all of the facial gesture intonation and all of that art of that's right getting a lot of people saying you did a great job charlie but you don't need that backstopping because you know you. Did you always know you do what I did? Charlie Whitehead everybody follow him on facebook. He's always got great comments on the facebook and we appreciate you coming down to the beach. Thanks a lot and thank you. Charlie is is keeping an eye on the Bay harbor situation which is right over the bridge. We're right across the street from the Strip club that he hangs out at. I'm just getting. It doesn't hang out there but go ahead there. WanNa make sure they're you're not riling him. He's he's got a killer voice Jesse supersize. We've had in mind before I forgot and then I was like oh I remember that voice so Before we let everyone go to their day and come down to the beach. You're doing a new podcast and I wanted to make you till over nine listeners about UNLV have been getting together for the last few weeks recording. Podcast giving us a hard time about. It has turned prolific like you. Are you GONNA podcasts? You've gone together. Give enough time sitting at and there's no episodes released hit an episode on the Apple. We want it to be really good and we're not as polished. I'm going to throw you a compliment. Which I never do. What in the world is that a lot of compliment to Florida boat? It's it's a party a permit for that. I'm sure Roger is going to be on that. I want have a permanent come on okay anyways. I'm giving you a compliment because you you crank them out fast. I'd casts one every day at Radio Inc. On the coronavirus. We interview people across the fact. He'll make sure people know what you're talking about. So the name of your podcast is what to the right of fifty and that right politically. Because that's not. I wondered if you hadn't said anything just to see what people because most people it's to the right of fifty years so check out the facebook page like the facebook page. Yes thank you because the logo is very cool. I have to say Ellen. Yep Did a great job. On the logo. They got your. It looks like you. What do you call those things? And they're very accurate on that. So you've you've gotten together four or five times and you have zero episodes so we last night and that was. That was a good one. Just have to talk about well. We went a bunch. It's you know the podcast is really directed for women to the right of fifty. Okay and so. We're talking about just any issues and we because of coziness about menopause and it's going to get into that but I mean I'm in but it's not there's me woman over fifty talks about tiny little part of our lives but in general anyways this first episode..

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