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Listen to this story along by yeslam europe's gays are moving to the right i can ask you a question are you a gay or lesbian who is a conservative will listen to the show both for your political orientation and because you love me because i'm so smart at entertaining one thing i found about gay people in my life is that they like a good sense of humor i'll tell you that then there's not much of it left in any community gheorghe strike were living in a terrible time so if you want to call on that go ahead whatever you want but the never forget the opening to the show and i advise you to go please too the link i found from the art place on michael savage dot com and look at the link to the white slave trade it's astonishing and came to me out of the blue over the transom so to speak white golden million white girls kidnapped the sold into slavery linked it up i michel sabbah dot com and it has it's not an erotic painting okay don't think it's about porno it isn't gorgeous bit my toko on tatty grow up already i got a thirteen year old dorgis have blind halfdeaf i love him he thinks is a puppy sits on the right broadcasts desk him i moved my foot the wrong way lusato come on man lighten up most of us never heard the white slave trade we're over a million white europeans will take than slavery yes we were quite shocked we discovered this as well the barbary coast that was known lay along the shores of north africa and predominant clue the ports of sally robot algiere tunis and tripoli the name was the ride from the berbers who inhabited the region and barbary corsairs pirates roam the mediterranean sea in atlantic ocean with impunity to the point where at their peak in the 17th century many mediterranean coastal villagers in spain france italy would totally abandoned you hear this her sounds like what's coming today from the invasion from the.

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