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Areas. We want to make sure the resources and work with your met emergency management folks to get prepared. To get stationed to get pre positioned so that we can really help you. Bowers toward the wildfires yesterday with Governor Ducey. The slate fire about 23 miles north west of Flagstaff, has now burned more than 6000 acres. No structures are threatened US Highway 1 80 between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon remains closed last year. The Arizona Burn centers saw record high heat related burn injuries in June. July and August, with extreme heat expected next week. Burn surgeon at Valley Wise Health Kevin Foster wants to bring awareness to the injuries look at hot pavement or ask, felt at two o'clock in the afternoon. It direct sunlight. The temperatures usually somewhere around 171 180 F, which is just a few degrees shy of boiling. Foster says burns from pavement is most commonly seen, but they also see several from playground equipment. And car upholstery. So you're probably thinking with all this heat coming. You want to get up north Arizona heads into the weekend of the statewide average at the gas pumps running $3.12 no change from last week, Tripoli of Arizona, says the Phoenix averages 308 Tucson to 98 Flying staff at 3 34. Kingman 3 30. The statewide diesel average is 3 17. Or maybe you stay inside and watch some basketball in air conditioning. The Sun's hoping to continue their winning streak. In Denver tonight, following two big home victories to give them a series lead over the Nuggets. Game three tonight in Denver. Tips off at seven and you can hear the call on our sister station. 98. 7 FM. Arizona's sports station coronavirus in Arizona. Fewer people are lining up to get a covid 19 vaccine in Maricopa County. Ktrs resulted Latino joins us live with the details. Yeah, Jeff right now. In Maricopa County about 10,000 vaccine doses are being given up per day. At the peak. When the vaccine was first available. We are seeing upwards sometimes of 30,000 doses a day being administer. The county's public health director Marcy Flanagan explains why the pace of vaccinations is slowing down. We're starting to get to that harder to reach population that are either unsure if they want the vaccine. It's hard for them to find transportation or Way to get to the vaccine. The county just launched a campaign this week to reach people who maybe on the fence about getting vaccinated. Reporting live on Griselda City. No Katya our news a decrease in coronavirus deaths today. Ktrs tailored, interrupt, joins us live to explain. That's right, Jeff negative to coronavirus Deaths reported today. This is typically due to death certificate matching the state reports 422 new cases as well today, along with more than 15,000 new diagnostic tests. This is as more than 3.4 Million Arizonans have received at least one dose of the Covid 19 Vaccine.

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