President Trump, Muller, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Week in Review


Was unaware but you also heard you also heard him say several times the president is not under investigation is that true i can't comment on who above muller may be looking at but clearly we want to in the in a congressional committees determine just what the russians did who is knowing of it who was participating in it and of course the president of very publicly encouraged russia to do exactly what don jr was encouraging russia to do privately that is give us the door and hillary clinton and every time there was dirt released in the former stolen emails a president applauded and very publicly so the question that we've had among others is was the campaign doing privately with the president was urging publicly and here you have now evidence and black and white that yes the campaign was encouraging the russians to give them dirt and the fact that this was done through intermediaries is just how the russians operate but but if we look at this trump tower meeting the bottom line is there any evidence whatsoever tying this meeting or that russian lawyer to the centerpiece of this russian influence campaign which was the hack of the dnc the hack of the clinton campaign emails is there anything whatsoever tying this meeting to that activity by the russian well you know it's strictly tied in the sense that this is about is clear evidence you could find of intent by the campaign to collude with the russians to get a useful information from the russians a willingness to accept we see from from the president sun but we don't see any thing more than that though a willingness to accept but to indicate to russia what the best timing was of course don jr says and emails late summer and what do we know about late summer that's when the russians start dumping this information to accept the attorneys representation that no crime was committed here you have to accept don jr a presentation if they went into the that meeting and here's they want something they want information from the russians the.

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