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Drivers may not be impacted until their next. Renewal Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. It's eleven fifty five. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives squash to the freeways tiny compost PCH remains closed from Las post road in Ventura County to small canyon and. Malibu until tomorrow. This is for mud and rock slides. There are a number of cars that were stuck in mud and in the water. So a lot of people. There was some broken down. Cars Sigler remains in effect Long Beach four or five north connector to the seventeen north the crash left vehicle overturned off the right shoulder. They currently have that connector shutdown in Covina ten west. At Holt got a multi car crash left a vehicle overturn Cal. Trans is being called out right now for mud and a lot of it on the freeway, especially at my right lane. And there's been some cars that have gotten stuck in that mud. All lanes are stopped for this crash. And it may be blocked for about the next hour. They may call Sigler at here in a couple of minutes. You can use covene hills road to grand to get around the south, El Monte, sixty east connected. Six five north all lanes were stopped for crash there. Now that crash has been cleared. So that connector it's still slow. They just opened a back up. So it'll be taking a little while to recover corona Ninety-one west past green. River crashes blocking lanes both of those vehicles facing the wrong way. Fast lanes are open. They Slava's mainline lanes closed for about five more minutes. It looks like while they get those vehicles out of lane. So there's a lot of slowing through that area. Downtown Tanis past maple avenue. Got a stall blocking the left lane and if you're headed anywhere near downtown. And it looks pretty good except for that maple. Closure. But there's a little bit of slowing on the southbound five you connect onto the eastbound ten next report at twelve oh five I'm Tanya, compass with more traffic reports.

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