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I feel as though sanyo's they've been against each other twice. The fights fallen out twice. So i don't know Finding tony rda fight But once he gets in the top five it'll be really telling especially because those guys All of them outside of connor have very very very high level grappling and wrestling Chandler is the first The poor as the trough. Especially charles there It'll be talent but yeah islam we'll get there. It's just going to be a slow burn. Yeah the the division right now is you might be one of the most exciting ones out there. There's a big dream lightweight. Advance away and i've even welterweight close but The top five of the top five of the way or champion. Speaking of the division we saw dominant crews in action. Last night against casey kenny. And it you like. I'm a cruise. He's been around forever but because he had so many injuries that he missed out on like six years of his prime. Yeah he's i think thirty five young thirty five because he hasn't fighting because of all. These injuries loses first win since twenty. Sixteen so That was one ninety nine like the last time that you wanna fight. Luke walk hold was still champion Thousand nine michael bisbee knocked out rock the the main event dominick cruz. The komeda vinegars ri- favor and then after that also garbrandt henderson who to graze fives at below one fifty five and two of the more talented fighters i in benway history. So not losing the bums Just having long layoffs. And i hope this victory means he's going to be back back the competing in a more regular basis. Do you think he can make make another run at the bantamweight title. It's tough it's real tough. Just because i think the top five bantamweight is so so talented. Any one of those fighters if you look at. I'll talk ayaan sterling. Corey san hagen T to dillashaw. Obviously cody garbrandt. I'll even josie aldo. Frankie edgar. I'll watch donna cruisers. Any of those guys. Any of those individuals can be the champion. And i think it's gonna be like hot potato between all those guys. Corey saying hagen. Is john sterling being the big losers of saturday. Corey said hangs with ex biggest loser. Because he's he was supposed to fight the winner probably now he has to wait even longer. Now he's probably have to fight. T. j. dillashaw attenders fight. So i wouldn't hate dominant cruz versus jimmy rivera or not your picture movie. Heroes and frankie. Edgar and i think josie. How does it if i call you garbage. Which is a fun fight. Show lack going unmet division. That's that's yeah. We're talking about the in two thousand and twenty usually ban the band division of the whole not. Just as see i'm talking rising balasore cage warriors. All over the world hundred thirty five pounds was the most competitive. We're talking jose young's from 'em may find dot com one of the one of the big stories. I saw this week was now that the state of texas has lifted all of their covid nineteen restrictions. Dana white came out and said he wanted to have an event in texas with full capacity with that become the new base for events until other states open up in a more consistent basis it would be. I think they'd have to hold the events first because the governor opened it up but then a lot of the mayor's don't want like dallas apparently said no they don't they don't have an event there..

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