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Roads mike. You are not the. I was ready to bianca. Logan ladies and gentlemen. I'll address this quickly. Roughly a few months ago and the absolutely stunning sweet beautiful. Great amar maple a sniper. You relax that's all. I always sweet. Nice amazing is that an often. Are we go to you. Today is that they're pregnant pregnant. amar maple. We split up. You guys may know this during that time I started to see other people. She also started to see someone specifically during that time We remain friends. We continue talking and the result of her Interactions with said new person resulted in bonn in the oven. And i know the sentiment around that has been surprised. And oh my god. This can't be real. Oh my god. She's keeping it but I know obviously better than most. The only thing she has ever wanted has been a kid. She has been through a miscarriage in her previous relationship. had a nursery at the house was very excited about that. And is ecstatic to bring it into this world is ecstatic to mother is ecstatic to start that journey and to raise a kid and i am so excited and happy for her and just pump for for her to do what she wants to do. It makes her happy. And i stand behind her one hundred percent And support her and whatever she needs from the future. It's actually very sweet mike. That's very sweet Yeah all jokes. Aside congrats to amara. That's a that is a next chapter. That's a big step in. I'm excited for her. Who's the bill we. We don't even know that. Does she know yes yes she does being you know. David raised his hand. Was that you saying to you or was david sankey knows because he wants to sell the information to tmz which you should not stop. Start calling you. Get money for this just anyways. How you ben. Good i heard. La's opened a open it up again. Yes i'm thinking about it. A lot because puerto rico. It's isolated still got a curfew and you here Here everyone's just getting drunk and fucking in la. That's like the word on the street you thinking about. Why is it regards. La as it pertains just like all. My friends are doing how you know. It's what we're used to live. Are you bored. Oh is this like you guys are gonna try to convince me to come back. Mean you just said i and ask what l. anymore. I should say this broglie. The they'll sadness in his eyes. The dog dog and the house just feels empty. The city feels empty and honestly feel no pressure to even consider coming back..

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