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Also saw a change dropping eight cents a gallon over the past two weeks to two dollars and eighty five cents. The mayor of Ogden Utah killed in Afghanistan leaves behind a wife and seven children officials say thirty nine year old Brent Taylor was fatally shot Saturday by one of the Afghan commandos. He was training. The attacker was killed by Afghan forces Taylor had taken a year long leave of absence as mayor dad was expected to return to his job in January. The university of Kansas has announced at head football. Coach David Beatty will be relieved of his duties at the end of the season began announcement was made in a press release Sunday afternoon in the release KU athletic director, Jeff long stated that. After a thorough evaluation of the program. He believed that new leadership was necessary for the football team to move forward and compete at the highest level of the big twelve conference. Beatty has amassed a six and thirty nine record in three plus seasons the jayhawks including a two and thirty one record in big twelve conference play. He will continue to coach the team until the regular season finale against Texas on November twenty third. No candidates have been revealed, but long indicated that the search for a new head coach will begin immediately. Phil Hildebrand Cayenne us news unearthing some ancient history at the home of George Washington. Dominic Anderson Jared Phillips, a pair of high school students from Akron, Ohio, dug up something really old and George Washington's backyard a seven by three inch axe head from the fourth millennium. BC definitely not the same one used by young George to chop down that cherry tree. The students were part of an archaeological dig at the Virginia home of the father of our country. The two teams were helping to map out the dimensions of what's believed to have been a slave cemetery. When they made their discovery, the aesthetic fine, quote provides a window onto the lives of individuals who lived here nearly six thousand years ago say Sean Devlin curator of archaeological collections of mount Vernon. Historians say the area was used by Virginia Indians as much as eight thousand years ago. Karen McHugh Fox News football chiefs, thirty-seven Cleveland, Twenty-one forty percent chance for morning rain than partly cloudy today with a high of sixty two degrees. Cayenne s news. Now, I'm Steve McIntosh..

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