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Employer. The opinions of the host on Katie WN are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station, its management, or Beasley Media Group. It's time for the USC Trojan football report presented by the south point hotel and casino. Let's join co tarbey hide and Chuck as as they provide live announces of SC football the Pac twelve conference and the latest college football action of the day. Everyone yet up in time to buckle up at a time to ride along here with us with our Trojan football report brought to us all about by the south point hotel casino in Las Vegas about as I say every Saturday night football never goes away. And of course, this past weekend or this weekend. The NFL draft has just been completed. We'll talk about the Trojans and other schools, and what the NFL draft means not only to the teams as far as the players that are selected, but to the universities where these players come from Chuck as joins me again. You can follow me at coach Rb hide at coach. I'd end you'll always get all the updates on. All the shows. I'm doing podcasts websites all the different activities that are happening in my huddle, Chuck as good evening to you. And let's get started coach is going to be when this Saturday. They and of course, talking football so much of cross pollination this weekend in regards to college football in the NFL, and really it opens the door and the window to a lot of information. You know, you can be a casual fan and find out a lot about college football different programs different styles of player that ends your hard core. And you can really judge based upon what has happened in the past recruiting with coaches and what their insights are. And I know when you watch you watch it as a person with a lot of pride who has sat with players who got drafted who talked to personnel scouts fought off his people and head coach is on the phone, and they're asking your opinion in regards to what you think. So from your standpoint, how do you feel after watching three days of this? We'll check it's exciting for the people that get drafted. You see them with their excitement of hugging. Their moms and dads and the girlfriends and their children now and are dreams come true. Remember, it's a process of elimination from when you play high school football to go to division one hundred division three wherever you go. And and it's a dream to play on Sunday. If you do have that athletic ability, but you always be my kids. Hey in the long run, you gotta have that degree because that's a game you'll be playing all your life. And you learn through football how to compete in the real game to game of wife, but for those now that do make the NFL especially in the high draft range, they're instantly become a very wealthy individual and how they maintained money and how they take care of that money so to them as far as future for the family and their children and everything. So I think it's really important that they understand that how much they can afford this. And the one thing to players forget is they have to pay taxes and the taxes really do take a big part of their bonuses. And all the different things that go along with it. But it's a dream come true. And it happened to a lot of players this weekend. And then there's some very disappointed players players that thought or they've been a five star player their entire life. They've gone been living at dream. I think that's the best way of saying that committee on national television going to university of big time university playing at a big time university and then being somewhat eliminated by not being drafted or becoming a free agent. And then maybe not. Making it NFL football team. So it's a Downer in that household as far as not only for the player, but for the university for the coach is very disappointed and also family members. So today sitting right now, you've got free agent scurrying around trying to get signed NFL teams. They're trying to fill numbers as far as on the roster to bring the camp in certain areas that they think player could be a player and might be able to play special teams at might be able to play, but there's so many great athletes out there. So it's one of those days Chuck, and if you're someone like to dabble Sweeney or. For somebody in that range of where all the draft choices. He had you're excited for the players. Your example excited for the family you excited for your football program. You're excited everywhere, especially in be cruising too. But it's a it's a big affect on your entire university settings having a lot of a big affect on a lot of different angles. This is the hundredth anniversary of the NFL. So they did a lot of deep diving in regards to the original NFL cities. They brought the draft outside into Nashville. It seemed like it was a huge party or some big country music concerts that went on after the first round after the second round and coach next year. The NFL draft will take place in the city that we know in love April twenty third twenty four twenty six on the iconic loss Vegas strip. So for someone who is the head football coach in the city of Las Vegas. You're watching in twenty twenty the whole world is gonna come to Las Vegas for the National Football League. Chuck, I'll tell you can't go to a better place. No one does things better than Las Vegas in any area. It's the entertainment capital of the world. If you go to a GoldenEye game, you see that just in pre-game show, you can get up and leave at the pre-game show you've seen entertainment there and self as far as the show worth a ticket. But I think Nashville really did set a tone. I think Nashville turned out Nashville fill the streets a lot of music a lot of things happening to Nashville. So, of course, Las Vegas will want to outdo Nashville. Of course. And and they've already started planning. I'm sure on what exactly their plans are where the draft is going to be held. All those details yet, they're probably out there with some confined them find that out. And it's going to be exciting. It's gonna be exciting through the NFL draft. But down the road. Chuck we've talked about it before the raiders are going to be in Las Vegas. Plus eventually Super Bowl is going to be in Las Vegas and again the Super Bowl. We'll be absolutely crazy in Las Vegas. We feel that in the future. The Pro Bowl should be in Las Vegas every year. Second bowl game college football game should be in Las Vegas. Like they have in Jerry Jones stadium at all ten at the beginning of the year. What should we absolutely fantastic? And I think that's going to happen. The Las Vegas bowl is already become a bigger game. As far as a pack twelve team against the big ten team or south Eastern Conference Dame starting shortly. So there's a lot of things happening in Las Vegas in the NFL and college football. And like we say when we start this show Trojan football report every week football never goes away. If you don't work on it all year round. You don't even have a chance, and you gotta know what you're doing. And you gotta know it from every areas of of your program of the college level high school level NFL level. And then if you're lucky and you get the right players with the right coaching staff and the gift together that meshes together you got a football team. They got gotta Canada winning. But there's no guarantees. That's what makes the game so excited to mention one thing because this is USA related as we're talking college football, Mr. relevant the last pick of the draft was by the Zona cardinals. And they took Caleb Wilson a former USC walk on from out of Los Angeles. Of course is dad used to be the defensive line coach Chris Wilson, he's now in Philadelphia, but caled Wilson came out of Sarah high in Gardephe, and he was to laugh. Asked by the Arizona Cardinals. Then this pick is always called Mr. irrelevant. And Mr. Arale was created by Paul Salata who played at USC was drafted in nineteen fifty one hundred eighteen pick by the San Francisco forty Niners, Paul Salahuddin. Now ninety two years of age is daughter came in represented in Nashville and made that pick and when they made the pick. I said, oh man they made out because Caleb Wilson could take a limo from southern California down in Newport Beach instead and then having a fly in from some point. So we all tied together here, Paul salon. I I worked with him in nineteen eighty four with the freedom bowl at Anaheim. He was on the executive committee that created that bowl game. A great Trojan a graded Basser football. And one of those people that if you met him he was the best buddy. And a great football Basseterre. Chuck I have to that's a crazy. Bharti, and it's a great party in Newport Beach, and it's like it's like awarding a huge Towfighi to someone who set there for the last final seconds and wondered or even didn't they are probably had a negative thought that it didn't get drafted get drafted and be treated probably as good or better this weekend. Then a first round draft choice. If you think about it for a moment. So we've got a lot of talk about tonight show. Again, we want to welcome. You all to our coaching football report every Saturday night from nine to ten pm sponsored by the south point hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. But before we take this break, we'll always wanted to pass on this message to all of you that are on the highway or planning on being on the highway especially interstate fifteen in the very near future because you don't have to get off to get gas. If.

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