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You know got governors mayors they all do something different our president does have different ideas and inspiration often comes down from the president himself and and what people have to be smart about it they're not that much I think it's unrealistic at this stage we're past the point of your suffering all right we're we're well past that but it's a little because the thing is that the people are going to resume portions of their lives making sectionals I think it's one of the following information out there and I know I was hoping you know as an American hopes not to get sick enough that my family apartment bathtub that we get through the other side of this without you know another year another enormous fight that that that that the card is you know catastrophic results we have to get on with life so I mean I you know like I said about I want to get to the Billy Joel concert I wanna be like you didn't want anything you know local baseball document we can start talking this is very personal to me as I wanted about baseball before let you go recline but the kids are you kids go back to school because I haven't gotten word about that about my children yet have you heard anything we don't know I we don't know what it looks like you know they're they're planning on stopping the next in the fall I sure hope so because of a bad little of the wallstreet but you know that they're talking about all kinds of configurations where you're gonna be commonly called for to help one or two days or something to up to allow for social discontent I just can't imagine that there will be some kind of a personal school in the fall but you know I never could imagine the future yes yes and baseball we're going to play baseball a little bit of baseball what are we hearing on the baseball front recline now back to back up option is to gain seats in the mix and the playoffs you know I did I think it just seems unsustainable from the perspective of of bringing all those millions of players that say you know that that that they can't come to some kind of an agreement and we want it and I am even if it's not on television we want the distractions we walk a lot of a lot of sports and I think it's important for those folks long term future that's something that you won't be I know a couple appeared in my own house and say you know that what they call the fine but you know basketball stand apart in and around football too great in the fall and you can lose a seat that I think is is there really a catastrophic decision if nothing else yep Rick we appreciate a man are are our best your family on Long Island thanks for taking the time and yeah you're right Billy Joe baseball soon enough come on man we're we're ready I know you're ready and I'll see you there recognized thank all the very best of the family thank you thanks thanks Rick thanks a great chat with little doubt political director of ABC news Rick Klein and and I know somebody I I get treated now Allah get to do that that's ABC is fake news he of course but but Rick Rick said you guys did you grab a guy doing so well and I like it just always hear the other side because it's true they're gonna you know they'll they'll vilify the president because he's doing these rallies in this any can affect a Donald Trump rally oh my god and anytime they don't say anything about the protesters but Rick was right day on his network someone said that you shouldn't do either I'm just so I can you know make my Nike between us between us out no nos so no when he goes to it you know he's got his girlfriend she has a graduation party is like a lot of people and I'm going now I'm saying you know me get out you probably shaking the whole time well I wasn't happy about it you know as opposed to Mikey I said listen you know you know you're either the age range and everything but just be careful not to get that big people aren't even acknowledging that let me ask you a question was it in it was in in town right the party yeah I was outside you right what I'm saying is the cat your county where you live in has yet very low rate that's what they were saying team yeah yeah I would you know again if he was keeping his distance and doing the right things I don't I don't open that enough you know you know that my use of every ten seconds right thank you Joe both crazy hello this like you had and you don't want to take them right I gave I gave my boomer naturals mask okay the idea of the Buddha and then I went like this here come over the house because I want you to drink lemon I want you to take quinine alone million this out a little bit right here on tape is tin foil and I've made you had a hardware and just focus concerns raised on yourself you didn't do that did you really think side of I do all his base so that we might have a boy by the way speaking about baseball I have a feeling we are not going to have a baseball hall yeah yeah yeah here's what you have millionaires yelling at other millionaires and whining about how they're not going to get their money there are forty million people out of work nobody wants to hear that the FA eighteen million dollar guys yeah we get N. five million and they're half or five yeah I'm sorry but you know what you got to get out on the field you know I mean if you if you see my bigger issue with baseball is that you know if if if if you don't get the season started in the next three weeks what's the point just I think the owners are looking to push this to next year they're looking to get their salary cap but I think they're going to use this to get what they want bottom line I think all businesses are doing exactly that I think a lot of folks including I gotta say that that works they're saying they're doing all the skyping and also in the looking at the bottom line on Hey this is great I want to send the car out there I don't have to I don't have to bring people into the studio you know one of the pages real estate you don't think that corporate America is gone not so bad this plan yeah I I you know I know we we have that we have to break but I think you're right I think in some instances I think that's where you gonna see television network starting to cut back on certain things because if they can the person can Skype in what's going to happen to tell you in the studio yeah I get a change Hey Abigail the to a child holding a producing and Charles thank you I I never say thank you to each other he does so much for this program this is a young kid doing a great job and Charlie I know you're there and then I got a new baby at home and you were still coming in so I want to thank you on the air trials thank you so much for being a great producer that you are young man that he is seven twenty right now on the radio twenty after seven o'clock Paul di Giacomo you don't want to miss it detective G. B. Giacomo president of the detectives endowment association seven J. Weber as well this hour I Joe digenova nextel we got Steve Scalise coming up Larry elder forget about it and you always at eight seven seven nine seven oh twenty nine ninety nine Debbie do Hey I'm always on the road for you right here on KM.

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