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You know the cold try to do with Yeah I. DO I love Saturday eight Manning We had Matt Burke in Dhaka Colpepper I. Love when I know I love I. think that really helps. Those guys grow even Derek Carr Rodney, Hudson. I was just about to say. Dare cars, the best center in the NFL in mind or or runny hutto combine yeah. Combined it's like they worked together. Because then they could start speaking the same language earlier as opposed to get in the guy that maybe been with another team for years four and a offense esteem, and also now they're like. Oh, no recall that RON RECALL! RIP here. Okay, you know so just cuts out any fat. Learn it together. which I so I kinda. I've always been partial to that like if I were to. My by team draft quarterback, trying to get a real young center at the same time, the of will end up from Alabama not blinking on his name right now. He's really good, too. Yeah they did with him. They got him fairly early on to and I. I just like that kind of process, so yeah, we'll parcel that Ryan Kelly. I was like West's name would expire. It's really generic name. I what I also think. Defense is probably going to be better. In large part because it's the VIC Fangio's defense, right? But it's also a defense that again there. There were big injuries right with Bradley Losing Bradley Chubb. Like very early in the season as I recall last year now he will be obviously coming off of that Tornado, but you know what it was down near for Von as well. Still one of the better pass rushes in the NFL, I think but. I think it was an interesting year because they finished like about average in most metrics. But you saw like a lot of unheralded guys kind of emerge over the course of the season, so at one of the preseason games I worked with broncos game, and they're all these guys. I had never heard of like I. Dunno Alexander Johnson I. When I was doing my charts for the game, I was like okay. Alexander Johnson shore or just. Okay all right. Not Personnel. Played well! He played totally well, so that was GONNA be my point like yeah like per cell. Alexander Johnson really emerged again isn't surprising because it was like a linebacker God, right? But and you think ok well usually. He has his history of having these premier. Middle Linebackers linebackers, but there were it was just a very unsexy group coming into the season, and they had some injuries as well I. Think Josie, Joel. Probably isn't going to be started I. Don't know this year. It'll be interesting to see how the depth shakes out, but in any case. He got a lot of these guys who? Cream Jackson SORTA cream Jackson. Right like what the heck man I mean. He was a corner in Houston. He was okay he was awesome for Denver last year. Now you've got to play next adjusted. Simmons, who I think is arguably one of the best safety is in the NFL. He'd be tagged him right. He might have a deal by Donald podcast comes out and says you. Know Switch, week. Yes, so bryce Callahan got hurt. They signed DRO- Casey for. Nothing Aga so to me this defense that was average last year, but you saw vic getting a ton out of these unheralded players I wouldn't be surprised if they take another leap forward as some of those guys come back from intellectual. Bradley troubles the. Easy answer that yeah I mean I I. Actually I knew hit a good rookie year I didn't realize the knockers put up this gear. They were a little inflated. I remember that like when you look to the underlying statistics there were. There was a caveat it. I did I I was trying to call, and I was like man. Yeah, twelve sacks, and we don't even talk about that. But I. DO I think you're right I think maybe yet some. Garbage because the second sack, but you know what I mean. But. Yeah, but I mean that him coming back I mean that's. Is An ideal number to pass rusher in an. Casey is I. Mean a really good player, even if he's maybe not the top top top tier. He was for a couple of years I mean. He's still a good starter. They traded what for him like seven seconds. Yeah Harris's really good shelby Harrison I play with him at Wisconsin. Before he transferred. Yes, shelby, who they, but that's the thing shelby in the previous regime, trying to get used as a true three technique, or even a knows a no stack in those tackle men now they kind of pushed him outside to more before I sometimes three five, but the kind of you know they found a skill set that works for him, and what could happen got locked I think I. Think Fangio's like one of those good coaches that Kinda. Just you know knows what players are good at is like. How do you need? Shelley harassed by? The way deflected the most passes of any defensive Lineman last. Week that he didn't get a big. Didn't get your boy cut from the chargers. That blocked the way. WHO's kick? Oh my God I think I am fairly. That sounds right. That sounds right. I'm instantly on-site any NFL defensive player with the girl's name is. You have to be tough to get to that. Guy Be tough. This is like if I was A. GM at like the combine. Yeah I'd be like him him Ashley covering. Won't pick. THOUSAND PERCENT Yes, so there's law story short I. Can absolutely mean look was not good last year, but I could absolutely see this defense with these elite safeties in a very good pass rush rising into the top ten are easily agree. They're built up front there. They built it how you want to be bill. He built. They built the D. Line a legit two studs. NFL Bunch of Nice other pieces I mean that's pretty nice. They've depth with which people kill for and going off of what you said Aj. I mean watching Jalen Ramsey last year I don't think anyone looked good that Jaguars. Early on last year but but but again that's another by cheap. Hopefully, maybe you hit on it and get a good corner about for pretty not a bad price for fourth-rounder. I think they gave up. So you know if you can get a good starting corner for a fourth-round that you're playing with house money I. Think Steam playing with House money. Let's take a few questions from listeners. Guys some are so out there. We'll just have to work a little bit harder to make our summer. Moments happen of course. Light wants to be right there with you by making it easier to chill this summer. Starting with its new chill summer can featuring sunglasses that turned blue when the beer is cold and ready.

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