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The twenty fifth of May and an anniversary. It's the four month mark since the first case reported in Australia on my Gosh. That's an milestone. I think anyone ever hyped. We'd get to but we are starting to open up a little bit again and it's nice to be out of see friends and family again but hide is asking. While we're still keeping social distancing mommy made up with people when will it be Arcada? Say Hug out all the parents when we visit them. Look I think this is a hard one and I think that we're taking away autonomy from older people here. To be honest I think when the viruses that low levels in the community and families are being responsible. Sofas a cough for cold or a sniffle any doubt or anybody's been tested. You simply don't go to visit your parents at all but if everybody's well I think it's up to the parents if there's a small risk but how long do you go without hugging your kids. You're so what are you doing here? You're T you're making a decision on the part of your elderly parents that you're not going to hug them to protect them but they might be prepared to take the risk. And if so why not so? I think this is a conversation. You need to have in families because it's not so much about spreading the virus. It's more about protecting them against serious illness. And if they're prepared to take the small risk you know why not but families have got to really be responsible about. No coughs colds. Sniffles slighted symptoms maximum testing particularly families. Their parents so that you know that you're you're as much as you can know that you're safe as you can be. It's funny because we've actually got quite a lot of questions along the same lines of just elderly people trying to know how to take care of themselves and rub its asking He sort of pointing at people. Seventy are at greatest risk of covid nineteen. But he saying he's feeling like this little advice that specifically for his generation he wants to know Kenny sees grandchildren. Can they visit his hyman eight with him? Can they drive them to and from school? Can I go back to work? How do these people know how to protect themselves? If they can't be informed. I mean I think it's a fair comment. The answers aren't easy because just like the previous comments have a risk based discussion and decision. So if you're over seventy and quite on well and you've got lots of other problems and you are worried about yourself. Then you wouldn't want to expose yourself very much at all. You probably want to wear a mask when you're outside even though a mask doesn't protect you as well as other people protecting themselves from spreading it but nonetheless you might want to wear a mask lots of hand hygiene and so on so if you're seventeen really healthy the still an increased risk of dying if you get covered nineteen but it depends on whether you're prepared to take that risk as an individual if the rule is in your family just repeating myself is that nobody comes to you with a call a cold. If there's any doubt toll the family gets tested then it should be no reason why you can't come round and have dinner with you at home assuming this basic hygiene driving to and from school where you probably put the kids in the back of the car anyway. So that's that's going to be okay. And you disinfect surfaces. And you have you have hand sanitizer with you and going back to work. That's a risk based decision. And if you maintain a reasonable amount of social distancing when you can if it's felt well-ventilated workplace then the risk is probably going to be relatively low but again if you've got lots of other problems if you're obese if you got diabetes heart disease and so on you've really got to think this through whether or not you're willing to take the risk. The risk is low at the moment because we got very low levels of virus. But it's there and I think now is the time when you can start easing back into things but with a lot of care a lot of care by the people around you. I think people feel like they may maybe getting mixed messages because we have another question from Lennon's that are going for kids to go to school because statistics show. They haven't been getting the virus and transmitting it to adults as much but at the same time we're being told died visit elderly grandparents for fear of spreading the disease. So he's kind of going like which one is it? Well it's it's not one size fits all here so for example residential aged care. The problem there is that as you go into the residential care facility. Your elderly relatives might be perfectly fine and well but there are other people in the facility. Who ARE REALLY SEEK. And therefore you don't want to bring in any disease or infection and that's why residential aged care facilities are being super careful. You just don't want an outbreak like the one they've seen short contact outdoors is pretty safe. Indoor contact that's prolonged. Even with social distancing can be risky. So you've got a balanced these things out but essentially grandparents in the current environment was not allow around with hand hygiene sensible disinfecting surfaces particularly in bathrooms and nobody coming close. Who's got any hint of illness and people are getting tested in the family. I think the we're getting to a point was pretty safe. So do you think that maybe it sounds like the theme? That's coming through. The what you're saying is families should be having conversations and deciding what their rules are going to be for their family. That's right and giving some autonomy to older people. There's no reason why they can't make decisions about their own lives themselves and the fair prepare to take a calculated risk. Why not it's just. He can't take a calculated risk in a residential care facility. Because you're taking a risk for other people who are not your relatives who live in the same facility so residential care. You're going to have to follow the rules of that residential aged care facility but when it's your elderly grandparents living separately from you then you should make the rules together. So Norman. Last week on chronic cost we were talking about measures that people could take to be able to basically go back on public transport. And you recommend will. You were making the comment that if ever wearing a mosque and if everyone had the carpet Saif App then maybe we could have more people in public transport. We had some feedback on that from a couple of people including Helen who says that not everyone has a smartphone especially all the people she can't actually use smut fine. Because of a hand impediment she has and she says that your suggestion is discriminatory and presumptive. Take that one on the Chin Teagan and say meal Copa. That I hadn't really thought that through in terms of order people's access to that I was kind of assuming that smartphone access was broader a shooter through. But they're still might be a way of doing it which is particularly for young people who are spreaders so for example forty percent of infections that are causing spread between twenty and forty now they will have smartphones so the question is. How do you administer something that this understand that but you could have somebody asking? Do you have a smartphone is it. They're encouraging it. You might have a washing period for example so I think even if you got that twenty to forty year old age group with the covid safe APP with high density than that would be a big step forward for what it's worth. We actually got other feedback from people who have oldest smartphones and even those people with smartphones but all the models are finding that the site. That doesn't actually work on them. I think it's quite a lot of work to be done on the covered safe at which I think I did say last week. So it's not. This is not a straightforward exercise and I thank Corona Kastner's for keeping me right on this one. Well let's talk about some research now. We are learning more way. Scientists are learning more every day. About how the virus is working in body including how to fix our immune system this new research into these which also has some implications designing treatments. Yes this research looks at how the virus gets attacked by the immune system or not as the case may be and broadly speaking. There's there's a to phase response to There's an earlier response of the immune system. There's a slightly later response of the immune system to a viral infection and viruses. Incredibly clever getting round this. I mean for a little thing of that doesn't actually live by itself. Just a little bundle of irony doesn't by itself needs our bodies to replicate it. Devises fiendishly clever ways of getting round our immune system and so what what they're discovering with this forest and they've never seen it seen it to the same extent with other viruses. Is that when it gets? Into the cell it really inhibits the chemical messengers alert the immune system these are called interferon so these are the chemical messengers that tell the immune system. Something's going wrong here. Come on guys and gals get in here and start attacking and whistling the army so it suppresses these interferons and then the second response is actually an over an overactive response but it's a dysfunctional one terribly. Clever response on the part of the virus but it is a serious respond. Swear it interferes with the jeans in the second wave of response. These are called site kinds and some people that have heard of the site. Kind storm that you get. Which is what largely kills you with the COVID. Nineteen seventy makes you seriously ill now. What this means is there's an opportunity in this first response. So for example there already finding indications that interferon treatment for a covert nineteen does seem to be helping particularly in combination with antivirals or other medications and this makes sense when they started using it own with covid nineteen. They didn't know the results of the study. But this was study shows. The interferons are very low. So in fact you're replacing them and then also now that you know more about the site of kind response. There are some targets there that you can use to block that response which again. They're already trialing but it allows you to do that more effectively. So you get a sense. Where if you really do attack the virus and its effects in that first episode you're going to help minimize the reaction the second episode as well because it won't get a chance to whistle up. This overreaction Fascinating Watch and wait to see if They can develop a treatment based on this already are but I could be more targeted because the already are using interferon in some of the clinical trials. Well that's all from us today. Don't forget to leave us a review on apple podcasts. If you can and if you want to ask us a question go to ABC dot net dot Edu Slash Corona virus and. Leave us one there. Be Sure to use the word corona cast so we can find it and we'll see you tomorrow then..

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