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Here. The third drop Johnson waited six zero five pooch gets his twenty first and second point tonight. And then braided point second goal of the game. Twenty six of the year from circuit fifty Fifty-three made it four nothing what I was gonna say after the Gulf in all three periods. Even in that tough second period, the lighting had they have generated odd man rush. Chances struggled in that area tonight. And both goals that the lightning of scored here on the third of come off odd man rushes you're absolutely right about data, but lightning generate anything from that in the second period. I heard. Do blind pocket. One by Jones centerpoint shot fighting it off NASA. Rebound is loose. It's gonna come to stamp goes to the near corner. And he clears it. Still a lot of clock left. Four nothing. Lightning Dubai in the neutral zone. Chips at back in headman in the lightning far corner. For danger Artie pass blocked by Atkinson falls down. And it's going to be picked up by headmen by the lightning that up the nearside Cologne to center, what's the role to stamp goes across the blue line, right circle, right circle. Lord, high slot headman headman shot a wide, right. Might have been looking for tip right there. Here's Girardi right point. Right. So go to plot a passer. Stamkos is knocked away by Atkinson. And he floats it back to the lightning at eight thirty left to go lighting up a four nothing lead. Blue jackets only a five shots so far in the period as well after they racked up seventeen in the second. Here's Ryan mcdonagh regrouping by the lightning lightning ski left right in the third. Mcdonnell looking things over. Slowly, walks up the middle short feet cooter off, he so slippery. Just walk right around Wynberg their feet Johnson at center ice who fires. It ain't kucherov knocks it down. Looking for Johnson high slot? Got chip past him. To center ice by Ryan Murray. Yours do Claire giving back to Murray. He's broken up by point who's had a very effective third period specifically also very ours turnover Straub and gave it up Winberg circle. Bjork's rent high slot Navarra of corner. Winberg Alexander Winberg by the dead is checked by Stroman and surreally spins it out to kucherov at center who drop wanting the lightning to get a change puts it back for Strommen enlightening in across the Cobra the left wing. Now, it's Adam earning. Nice alad up the right side at center forces it in as lightning complete their line change, seven thirty two left four nothing. Lightning ernie. We're gonna keep it alive. In the offense said Eric Robinson out to Anderson at center barrel into lighting zone strong in that Faulk, but he's cut off by Yanni. Gord circuit Jeff quick catacomb up the middle. Adam earning at center comes Ernie Whealy across the Columbus line, right circle. You'll bust into the right corner center at gourd, he didn't shoot it. Applies across ice disarray admits early stick and Boone Jenner clears it back to center ice nears. Colbert zipping it back for Yanni Gord cross as feet for is cut off by Robinson. All wired up the middle Boone. Jenner deflects it in Coburn by the light. And yet is gonna dodger check from Jenner. Jenner was the one that went down circuit Jeff walks in to the neutral zone. And floated in six forty five left lighting up for nothing. They've handled the lead pretty well here in the third especially after they got the two quick goals. Really not much happening for Columbus. Right now had been zone and clears it out to center ice where it's gobbled up by pocket pocket flicks. It back in or Inskeep. Regroups by the Columbus net. A pass is blocked by Martel. He couldn't keep it alive for podcast instead a roles do do, blah, blah turns for parrot at center ice, Girardi blocks it where's that puck? Still finds. Stick speeds into the lightning zone, right circle left circle. Warhead ski shot. Just hide over the net rebounded Jones rape point. By that parrot. He got checked could play right there by Girardi. Can you get it out? No or Inskeep left circle. Back. Alex Joseph up the right side at center to to onto crossed one. Joseph takes at high slot. Shoots blocked. Corpuscle me. There's too early saves after coming into the game Martell one on surrogate. Jeff. I don't think he's fees the shot since then strong and has the puck in the lightning in dishes for stamped goes right wing to center makes a move around. Ryan Murray nicely done corn across the line, right circle. Plot. It behind the net. Looking for stamp goes that got blocked by DuBois pockets taken back by the left circle. Mcdonagh shot blocked warned got it. A shot wide left long rebound out to center ice Alexander Winberg with five nineteen remaining. Skied into the lightning and left circle path blocked by Polat. When Burke follows up jams it by the lightning net bass Leschi scoops that are on the nearside Polat is under pressure. He reverses it to the far corner. And strawberries after it strongest check by Anderson's still feed stamp goes in stamkos rolls. It back to the Columbus. Final five minutes in the third lighting up four another Marcus Navarra behind the Columbus. Looking things over left wing, dean, Kuchen, etc. Who can March to the red line backing ended in actually went off Coburn sticking to the lightning bench. Four forty five left to go four nothing lighting elating radio. Forevermark diamond tribute collection. For your courage. Passion. The termination. Tenderness spirit. You love for all that you are the Forevermark tribute collection diamond for each of your qualities Forevermark beautiful. Rare responsibly sourced. Available at Ackerman jewelers official jeweler of the Tampa Bay Lightning captains have been named in the roster set. Now, the final vote is yours. 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