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Remember there was that battle with the NIMRODS and bastion on. Utopia in second in second gear. Did he did he die or something happened to him in that one to some that don't know that he was alive at I think he was still like a necrosis Zombie. From. It's been long enough that I don't totally remember the specifics but yeah. He's he's had it rough ducks had a rough go so i. don't want him to die again but I but I do think. A change is coming for sure and the one that I always like mentioned too is back in house empowers there's a panel were dug. The professor introduces into Caracol and Doug Touches. One of the leafs on the island in the island starts turning like technology. Or the not the island, the leaf right and is very short visual. It's a very small teas but again, it's like, okay, he's there's something here with all this talk of the Phalanx and all this talk of technology virus and Doug's connection to Kerr, Coa. That's not an accident and I wonder if that starts getting built here. I think it ties into what you're saying a moment ago which is. Let's start actually building out what these. What these teases let's start actually delivering right now that's one that could get hit in this event. All right. My other I think my favorite theory from just the the WHO's GonNa die thing is okay. In creation. Saturnine named all the sorts on the Iraq side and on the Kirk oocyte and Kirk Oh aside, we had essentially the way it's been laid out and they have not been delivered, but we had nine sorts. Or Nine Sore bears rather their name. But there are bears because on has to he's hogging God killer crass cutter. My sumptuous. He's not gonNA share. That'd be able to. He's a Hickman Favorite Hickman use those warriors. So that leaves a potential tenth sorber now if we look at the The SATURNINE Free Comic Book Day cards if you remember these but. She went through the Tarot cards right she goes through the deck and one of the ones that she goes through is there are ten sword bears listed. One of them looks a lot like magneto wielding a sword. So people are theorizing that magneto would be using the cerebral sort because..

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