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Oh my god cried of radio. Andy and from below deck med say ida deck and david pasco david. You're in this in southern england. Right that's right and michelle. You aware right now. I'm in london. England just coincidentally. I'm not a not pulling a deckhand on david. I didn't even know you were here. Okay we'll david. Michelle is single. She's beautiful. I think you need to get your lily white ass to london and knock on her door. I'm down for david. Listen i'm fun. I'm old enough to be your mother. And i'm just thrilled to be here. Andy thank you for being on my side michelle. What was your reaction to david expressing his feelings for me tonight. Well i shrunk by about three inches physically from second hand embarrassment. But i say that with a lot of love. 'cause i'm looking at you right now. So i don't wanna make you feel bad tells to watch a little bit. Did you feel embarrassed. David embarrassed yeah watching about inches. I went by three for. What was your reaction. David seeing kadian. Lloyd kind of cringing. They're watching they cringe. Dog cringe the world cringe together. Thanks david dots on lloyd opening up about his sexuality of blessing just happy that he was amongst people that he could be with that for him not was the main thing michelle. That was very emotional. Wasn't it. It was a beautiful moment. And i've always wondered like he looked so much like nicholas cage that it did. Confuse me a little bit. I mean i. I'm thrilled for him. And everybody was so lovely to him on the boat. It was really nice to see you know david. It was interesting because lexi totally flipped out in the last episode. And then this week. She's being encouraged to take shots. And i mean it seemed like you know in lexi was saying that seems kind of hypocritical because they didn't like it how i acted when i was really drunk. Did she seem like she was making a little sense there. What's your reaction to that. David i think definitely if lawsuits go by. The last thing she needed was alcohol. So yeah maybe it was a loose shortsighted. Say absent will go wrong michelle. What was your reaction to lexi's outbursts in last week's episode honestly it troubled me greatly. It was kind of hard to watch. But i hope that she gets the help she needs as i guess what i would say i mean i think she's dealing with a lot of things that are out of my pace grade right reactions to matt saying that. He spent one hundred and fifty thousand dollars on sex last year. Was that a joke. Or what was that david. That's my michelle thoughts. Yeah i mean. I assume it was just on one very well known as prostitute. Was i wrong. I just assumed it was like someone very famous. How do you spend that much money into real talk. Oh in over here of sex clubs and as a chef they can make a nice living. It's i mean how does it not fall off at some point after one hundred grand right how is it not just sore you know. It's true. lisa minor chafing middle name. My middle name minor chafing. Michelle spreads so much time together. Pop culture mysteries. I would imagine her bulletin board and read. Yarn budget is through the roof. So i thought i'd ever saw some recent bravo cold cases tonight with michelle's mysteries put on your detective hat michelle Starting with beverly hills. Did erica intentionally wear non waterproof mascara ahead of her emotional chat with kyle. Short from the tammy faye bakker line of cosmetics. absolutely this was a fully performed. Look i mean you don't just this doesn't. I've been out in the rain in london. I haven't looked this bad. you know. there's no excuse. Does giselle.

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