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Duggar left handed hitter. They've overloaded on the right side of the infield against him. And a first pitch sinker is low and inside wall one. Two windy night. And the wind is blowing in from right field across toward left. There's a liner into centerfield back and then waiting bro bliss makes the catch. So Duggar hits when sharply but right at the center fielder one away. The game. Time at temp sponsored by UCSF health, redefining possible at UCSF health dot org slash possible. Seven oh, five PM eastern daylight time is when we began sixty five degrees for degrees cooler than last night's temperature. Here's Joe panic, and he takes a called strike. Duggar who had a home run last night came into the game hitting two thirty six for the year to sixty on bass panic is hitting only two eight with three oh four on base average. Now, he takes a fastball in there for a called strike to. They got. I don't know what he was looking for something other than an eighty six hour fastball right down the middle. Because he took it. Here comes and the almost hit him in the right foot with that one change up down in in. Going out of a no wind up there. He just kind of stood there instead of rocking back and. Gathering himself and building up for the pitch in just stood there and then kicked.

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