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Seemed to have arrived at a moment when this willingness in athens and willingness in skopje ah to make some sort of a deal miss primarily follows a change of government in macedonia last year and in terms of what solution might be all sorts of names have been bandied about my particular favorite wouldbe up a macedonia which is actually written as one word there's a un envoy called matthew nimitz who's been working on this issue for the past two plus decades and he's against becoming up some sort of a framework for potential names but there's a all sorts of things being thrown into the mix better as you can hear from athens that didn't make everybody happy about the chances of the dail that the macedonians are hopefully indeed they on i was in macedonia just a couple of days ago in skopje speaking to defense minister radmila shecket in scott very much in hurry met about what the name i be as a potential membership of nato hinges on this and she told me the possibility of a resolution to this decadesold dispute is very much in the balance vital global superpower to connell surprise us hold many elements have been discussed in the last twenty five years and it's the right combination of the right timing the right sequencing of steps that will determine whether we are heading towards a solution or we are heading towards yet another defeat to defeat could be a result of the attitude of of the greek protest is how much of a problem is this name for the former yugoslav republic well i mention nato and the reason i was talking to the defense minister is macedonia wants to join nato but greece has been blocking its accession talks with nato simply because of the name dispute it's also an issue of macedonia's ambitions to join the european union it's simply not going to be able to do it if greece's able to wield a veto over its entry because of this name disputes while it might seem trivial to the great majority of the rest of the world it's a very real problem for macedonia which is one of the poorest countries in europe wants to be more prosperous and wants to be more secure to do that it wants to.

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