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Of successful front office is gone back to the detroit pistons working with joe dumars when they built the team that had rasheed wallace in ben wallace chauncey billips in teixeira branson richard hamilton and they want an nba championship this guy comes it's with some legitimate qualifications now i have no idea if he's going to be capable of doing the job without the getting away without steve mills getting in the way but when i see basketball people who i respect like david aldridge and asia rewards uralski praising the new york knicks for bring union somebody who has legitimate qualifications to do the job i'm gonna give them a chance rob i'm with you i feel the same way about the necks if i could quit the next is a fan i would because it just provides too much angst in ajit a horde ache and just frustration unwitted emma man i get it i totally understand why you fed up you don't trust anything that goes on within that building within that organisation that said i thought it would be a fulltilt steve mills shell at the very least stale bringing in somebody who has legitimate basketball qualifications for that i think we asked the poor the new york knicks despite summit a dopey contracts they've handed out now over the last week i knocking credit agency said or any of the qualifications or um you know that a key member of the new general manager but you know i just going to be a puppet i mean it it just nothing in in in uh you know under history and their track record that lead me to believe otherwise i mean the only reason why we called jackson will do what he would he be able to do it if because he's got the money does it needed just gonna to walk away i don't think this was going to walk away at the end of the day when game door want cooking with people who aren't something they're gonna get it they're gonna get it away well you may be right about that robbed that's fair now listen let's see how this works out because the knockon steve mills is always been he's not a basketball guy right at the very lease now they brought in a basketball guy who is not a gordon stooge who is not a gordon puppy who has worked at a.

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