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Okay. Here's a good time from documentary shocks. The only bite when touch the private parts or you could God sharks, they tried to eat my kidney. Point point only. Kathy spell us. You've also done a lot of voiceovers in in animated films and you're the doctor doolittles and all that sort of stuff. Yeah I, mean I like coming in. To do another one pretty soon for that Sandwich Company, I like the idea of of of committing something just in in the idea where you can create something than they have to draw exactly what you do it because it can't be done. Great I. Think. Truthfully the most amazing movies that are made in our animated I really believe that I think Pixar when they say like the Golden Era. Of Movies in the. Thirties. Or the. You know for the odd tour directors, the seventies, but I think right now. Definitely last you know decades these. The animated movies are to me the incredible. Certainly, you know as Charlotte's absolutely I can't compete with cartoons they can fall off a cliff gets machinations. Back But I do think like if you look at Pixar. Just see the movie wall e's. Beautiful. Emotional and in gorgeous. And then you see like you know frozen to was better than frozen one frozen. One was. Beautiful. So I do think that there's A. An I think with all this fear of people's personal safety I think is going to be even more explosion more animated stuff. Will you're right because you can make all those movies basically on your computer by? You had to write a few thousand of your friends. Yeah. Exactly and it's funny because you mentioned on the special you have two young children again now and Mike is Teenagers. But when you see every single animated movie from the years of about three to ten, because that's one thing you can do with the kids where they want to go to this one then that one. So you see them all within that time frame. Yeah. No you do. Feel important like you can get some enjoyment out of these and I gotta say that like I think they've never been better I think your time the cartoons and stuff in the world we were growing up in the seventies and eighties We're terrible but I think the Disney came in wisdom really amazing stuff would eisner back in the. Early, nineties just made a difference than in. With Pixar I mean, that was like an eleven billion dollar acquisition that has already paid off. Know many times over for Disney I hope Disney continue good I know they're struggling right now with their theme parks and their boats being closed. Whoever thought that that would be a vulnerability, a theme park. But anyway I I think things will turn around I. Hope People get sick of an want to get back to their normal language get tired of you know get tired of not being allowed to go places who especially when you know if you from show business aspect even flight from wrestling were resting in front of the people show business movies there's no work for any crew actors you know musicians at a certain point you're going to save the US into starving you know yeah I'm an adult I realized that there fifty, five, fifty, eight, thousand Americans die in a car every year and I'm not equating cars with this virus at all but I'm saying though is that there are innate risks. At one point is the government is going to come in and go I. AM thinking about Parasailing I dunno rob. I don't know. There's a one in twenty, eight, thousand chance. You might hit the rocks over there and you're in Mexico. So that's basically one in twelve chance now. So demanded the. It's just a very frustrating time. Were you know were people get attacked for expressing? They feel about anything anything if it steps out of the accepted narrative, it's very much. You know a closed minded fundamentalist thinking that is that has a religious indoctrination. You know as religious architecture in their thinking, it does really does how long has it before comedians can start using Kovin material in their act because there's a lot of comedy that for sure I think you have to. First of all we're going to get back on stage. Yeah but I mean, I, I was going out I said last thing I'd WanNa hear. I. Don't hear anything about this. Tell, tell me anything else you know. Yeah. I think it will get back. I mean I cannot imagine that people aren't sick completely sick of home sick nothing illegal out places agreed and get healthy i. mean this one thing about we all have to take our our health responsibly, which is good and this what we need to do we as as a nation, the United States has Know Twenty five percent of the. Of the world in in a population in his five percent of the world's population. So, there's a personal responsibility for for each of us to get in his best health as we can't. If every American was in its was in year shape Jericho you know. You never go to the doctor except when you when you have your enact displaced by some other wrestler but right, you're healthy and that's what eminent in your kids are healthy because you. Learned from you. Yeah. Speaking of kids as we start to wind down here is Your specialty RV is great because it's really funny and then you have the piano guy newly in the back which is cooled. Just a pair for a couple of years ago I went and saw heart and Joan Jett and the opening act was the girl called L. King Yeah and she killed it. She's a great singer great rock and roll vibe whiskey voice type thing and then I, find out she's Schneider's daughter like, wow had no idea and she actually comes out on on your on your show but I mean that's It's actually really cool because you mentioned something I used to be Rob Schneider now L. King's father where did this all come from was I can't claim any for talent at all credit for it. She's really Doggett hard-working artists than she's a great singer in a very soulful human being and she puts it all into it and I was like she's been nice enough to..

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