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That I think some people. He was actually too hard on and he was quite hurtful to people. But with me I I felt more like it was helping me because I thought he was right because when you start doing period work suddenly you sit a little more stiffly and you may be speaking more pedantic way which he saying. That's not that stopped doing that. That's not how people behaved. They behaved like we are behaving now. and so. I'm I'm very grateful to him for that. He was kind of a Taciturn Guy. But authentic wonderful man. Did you feel like you had to scheme over the arc of your career because of the limitations for actresses? And the fact that you started kind of as a you know as a grownup like you're whatever thirty ishers thing when you when you started and so like you started playing like hot babe roles And then you know it was not very long after that you are playing mom roles And then there's like a long desolate stretch ahead of that in a lot of actresses careers. Those are the kind of parts there are. Did you after like come up with a scheme of like? This is how I'm gonNA figure this out or was it. How Business Game Now? Just sort of follow things as as they came and I also did plays in Los Angeles. I wasn't going to. I wasn't going back to New York because I couldn't I didn't want to be gone But as my kids were going I I. It took a while. I didn't do one for about ten years. Think took me. Yeah that's right Then I started doing plays again so I would occasionally play which also was kind of great for my own sort of sense of work and what. I enjoyed what? I was interested in pursuing but I found things along the way I was lucky and and things came to me that I really loved and there were a few things I didn't do. I suppose I would have done but that I you know I barely remember what they are. There's a few that I didn't want to do because I just couldn't of the timing. I did molly my kids. So that's another thing like you have four kids and during the time when they were little you know. I was looking at your. Imdb and Mike between American beauty ish and The kids are all right Ash You know you're you're in a movie every other year something not two or three a and I understand why anyone would make that choice. I have kids myself but it's You know it's a scary parallel choice for an for an actor whose reliant in part on having some juice to get a good part you know what I mean like. There's a lot of talented actors Well Yeah I just sort of would stop and start and I remember after my last one was born. I think it was a couple of years I took a couple years off which is a blur slide. You know four kids But Yeah I was lucky. 'cause I always wanted to have kids. I still dream about babies. I it's like the most recurrent theme in my dreams is. There's usually a baby involved somewhere and I'm taking care of them more Something anyway so yeah. It was just so in my nature From when I was little I wanted to have children. I was a babysitter. Sir babysitting when I was really twelve. Live practically oh and even before that. I worked in the nursery at church so I was just always enamored of that and and that felt very natural to me. You know so yeah I did. I made You know fewer movies there But that's fine. Going away is good going way especially being in the spotlight and stuff. It's just you know it's nice not to be one of your kids is transgender. And he transitioned when he was a young teenager. Mid Teenager And one of my kids is also trends. And when she transitioned like it really made me realize how much of my idea of coup other people were including people who were really close to me who I really cared about like my kids. was wrapped up in gender identity. Like as a person with no you know and not even at the beforehand like no Ideological or even on very little even practical discomfort with the idea of being transgender. I mean you know I'm a I live in Los Angeles. I'm from San Francisco. You know what I mean like. I had trans friends and stuff but like one of the things that really struck me was feeling weird and guilty. About how much of my idea of my kid who's a human being was tied up in my as it turned out erroneous presumption that She was a boy right and I was like. Oh Wow not just with her but I was like. Am I doing that with everyone in my life right lake am I? I think I'm I'm pretty. I'm a pretty cool dude. Who's pretty has a pretty liberated minds but like oh well in a way. It's the one of the great gifts of having Trans Kit because then You be I know I know for me that I wasn't even aware of how I saw the world in this binary way and really when you think about it it makes no sense that everyone is on a spectrum and all of us and that at different points in our lives some people you know some people recognize their own feeling like they're trans at a different point. Some people suppress it or some people. Just don't even really kind of come to that until they're older. I think that that's a beautiful thing. I really appreciate that about having a trans kit that I really began to understand. That gender is something that happens in your mind and that a lot of people who are trans. That's their experience. And that this notion that there are males and females and that if you know the the the gender identity that you're assigned at birth is the the one that you are when you love someone so deeply who you see is having this experience Not just him but many other people too that I that I've come to now. I feel like I really get it. I feel like Oh wow. That was just such a such a limited way of looking at people. Maybe if that connects to what you're saying at all you know and it really is. It seems very natural to me now that some people are Trans on some people are Cisco and it doesn't have anything to do with the way you look or the way you present or whether your fam- or Bush or masculine looking or feminine looking or any of that Which is another big sort of stupid stereotype about transpeople so I love that I feel very grateful to my kid for opening my eyes. Now I've got to meet all these terribly interesting people through my kid because of this world to him. Well I appreciate you talking about that and I also really appreciate you coming on. Polls thanks I. I was so happy to get to talk to you and I appreciate your extraordinary work. Thank you and thank you for asking media to your show with you and it was really fun talking with you. Thanks Annette Benning. Hope gap is in theaters now. we didn't get to talk about it in the interview but she was so amazing and brilliant in the amazing and Brilliant Film Twentieth Century Women which came out a few years ago. If you didn't see that so there's too hot Annette Benning picks for you enjoy them. That's the end of another episode of Bullseye. Bullseye is produced at maximum fund dot Org World Headquarters Overlooking Macarthur Park in beautiful Los Angeles California where they were shooting the rookie the network procedural starring the very funny and charming Nathan Fillion when a network television show comes to town. It is quite the operation. Our show is produced by speaking into microphones. Our producer Kevin Ferguson. Hey seuss Ambrosio is our associate producer. We have helped from Casey O'Brien. Our production fellow is Jordan. Cowley are interstitial. Music is by Dan. Wally also known as Dj w our theme song is by the go team our thanks to them and their label Memphis Industries for letting US use it and we have decades of interviews in the can that are available to you to listen to for free. Mike Mills the writer director of Twentieth Century. Women are also was on the show. I'm sure he had some things to say about an betting. Although I don't remember what they were I do remember that. It was a great conversation. You can find all those on our website at maximum fund dot Org And you can find them. You know when your favorite podcast APP or wherever else. We're also on facebook twitter and Youtube just search for Bullseye with Jesse Thorn and keep up with the show. I think that's about it. Remember all great. 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Los Angeles California, Jesse Thorn, Mike Mills discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

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