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I'm gonna get undressed. Yeah. I don't I don't think that your point is invalid. But I think the most recent example, that we've seen of a heavy right handed lineup. That's still had great success would have been the what twenty fifteen Blue Jays that were stupor right handed. Sure. But I mean, Jerry are we helpful removed? Are we from the way? So that's that's my point. So in that three year window, we are so far removed from how things were going. Then that it look I'm not saying that GM's are not going to be signing guys because that means that we don't know if they're a fit, and they can figure out how to make it work. They will. But you do need to start planning for the future and thinking I can't just run out a lineup full of eight righties with no left-handed break-up. It no Lieutenant reinforcement on the bench because that's a long series. That's a long three four game series in July with Novara. Just just watching your guys get dominated because you're comes ninety seven with a ninety two mile an hour wipeout slider. Hey to put a to put a final point on that and L central domination for Goldschmidt. That you mentioned Dallas in about a half. A season's worth of games. It was like eighty one eighty two games. Three three sixty three twenty six. Yeah. And a one point one five eight PS against and that's against the cubs and the brewers it doesn't even factor in the pirates in the reds. Hot and fresh baby nuggets. Right. How the of? Dim the J Nogues come get them them. So yeah. I mean, if you're a cardinal's fan, you're feeling pretty damn good about yourself after acquiring. What I mean, who would you say who'd you say is the most beloved active player in major league baseball right now by the starting nine podcast, but you say, that's Paul Goldschmidt. A collective I don't have a bad thing to say about Goldie named the fucking fish after him. Be real. I got a fish named Paul Goldschmidt swimming, in my it's not just goal that you named him, Paul Goldschmidt, small Goldschmidt. Right. So when I when I introduce people to because there's two fish, the there's a fishing turtle that I introduced people to it's Paul Goldschmidt and Bob Ross the painter turtle. And that's how they are introduced. Hey, this is my this is my coy, Paul Goldschmidt. And this is my pain eternal Bob Ross, the painter turtle. Jeez. Wow. Yeah. I don't hit that move whatsoever. Now, the move that. I don't really hate the Washington nationals signing Patrick Corbin, the lessening to a six year deal. I mean, obviously when you when you look at that rotation it's a three headed monster. I don't think that anyone's gonna shout that notion down unless you're one of the people that are like, well, you only had one good year is it. Yeah. Well, it was most recent year out. Maybe maybe that's an indication that he that he that he may figure something out. So anyone that's that's going with the? He only has one good year defense as it pertains to Patrick Corbin is probably a fan of team that wanted to sign Patrick Cole or men. Men. Imagine that line of. Sounds a lot like homes like cubs. Look all the peripheral showed it. All right. I'll let Jay cook up some more tasty Nogues for your asses, but all the.

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