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I did a wake you up from the call itself or all the collateral that happened after because there was a lot that happened there the the amount of like smiling faces right now on the other side of however dirac is going to edit this is like a lot of i mean you were probably one of the most known characters you know you know it's actually really funny because i got full of it i remember dmz of people saying we're watching in the eyeball emojis which was super intimidated or so pooing i got suffocate having that as the aftermath was like what was that was the point to create accountability after the fact that's that's why i went there we're starting my own online business and i slowly and trying to make something of it and i have a real clear vision of what i want it to be but when it comes to like process in steps and like okay what's the next step like what are those are not clear yet no i make sense i mean look until you until you're in that mode to be an operator like running a business sounds great theory not no different it's no different than house i can theory it sounds great to be a chef or like if there's just such a misnomer this back to like my big thing with twenty to thirty everyone's like i'm gonna start a business cool but nobody says i'm going to be an nba player cold at twenty two but it's the same thing like being successful businesses hard okay so keep going that was really cool because what i started last march with that is not what it is today it's good.

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