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That determine what happens to the individual and collective. Is Political. If you if you WANNA get real like specific about it but I get it, I get that politics the way that that that the world feels so politicized and how it's going to be talked about and turned around I do believe that we need to get back to a level of Cuban decency and to be able to to disagree on things. In a manner that is kind and but that isn't you know winner take all attitude like whatever happen to. You know we're GonNa, get some and we're probably going to lose some. But in general, we're all moving in the right direction and we're all getting enough of what we need. And not, and that's just the struggle that I'm having with right now. So for me and my family I believe, and this is true that no matter what I think there's always an opportunity right? There's two ways you can always look at a situation one with with positive glasses on and another with negative glasses on. I'm? A. Oriented Person clearly I think that things can change, but I'm not going to be only pointing at the negative rather than you know for me my family tries to do is really figure out. Okay. What are things that we can control that we can solve that we can have positive fact so that the outcome feels good enough to us right it's not like I want everything and so I'm GonNa demonized the entirety of the Republican party because I'm sure everybody knows that understand that I'm a little bit more local. At the end of the day I still want to understand why folks you know in the Republican folks that I know the folks who really care about that party what they believe in what what is true. So how do we come to the middle like okay I'm GonNa Focus on what I feel is most important any what I can control and maybe go about trying to fix it. Rather than just talking crap and complaining about the things that you don't have or the things that you are you you feel you're going to lose. We had. We gotTA figure out how we can get back to some sense of normalcy where everybody is is feeling like they're respected and not being abused or murdered or victimized. Right. So I don't know I could go all day and for people who like you know WanNa complain and Gripe about it not being political. Grow up like everything's political. No I understand abby and it's about it's about owning your actions and being responsible for it instead of just owning someone for the sake of owning them I I think that's really what things are becoming like right now and you know not to get too deep about it you know Abby Wambach here on the rich Eisen show as we know, covert finds the weakness everywhere whether it's your your body, your health, your family, your your wellbeing, all of it. In terms of youth. Sports. My youngest son and my daughter would already be a couple of weeks into their. So O. Season that doesn't exist right now I'm wondering what you're seeing about the effect of youth sports and youth soccer right now as things because of the success of you and your cohorts and successors on the US women's national team as well as hopefully what we're seeing out of Christian Pulisic and more. That we're, we're you know what I'm saying that we're seeing more attention being paid to soccer in the United States I wonder what you're seeing the effective covert is on on this. Yeah. Yeah. I understand that in every state there's different phases that have allowed some kids go back to playing soccer and some haven't right. My biggest concern right now isn't about Kids around the country not getting better. At soccer, my more my my bigger concern is their mental health around not getting outside and being around their friends and getting active and getting their blood move in You know I've I've talked to a lot of kids don't lot of. Book Club things where you know the kids haven't been able to hang out with their friends and that's such a huge component to use sport. Some kids are going sir crazy because they can't get outside and they can't run around and they can't feel that fatigue that that that comes only after a long week of training You know that kind of stuff for me the mental health component to it feels more Worrisome for me, but I also know that kids are resilient bill doc real quick and you know the the longer the better we can be as a collective to maintaining some sense of decency for each other you know wearing masks and. adhering to the to the rules of your of your state or your city governor, whatever it is so that we can actually get through this together. 'cause you know unfortunately being so divided right now, we do need to actually come together to solve the bigger problems that and it seems like that's becoming evident. That is that's like the bigger problem than the actual disease itself and I think it's a it's an experiment in human relations right now if we could all just agree to do the same thing for. In. Long enough period of time to wait this out, people might be able to actually go play sports. before the vaccine comes out right like who knows and I'm not obviously not a doctor. So take that with a grain of salt. I just believe that this is the most interesting human experiment of all time and we're we're. Like miserably failing as a species wombat here on the rich Eisen show Wolf pack based on the number. One New York Times bestseller. There is now again a youth edition I can't wait to bring it. The youth reader's edition can't wait to bring this home to my my kids I guess before I let you go on I don't know if you're a fan of American football from Rochester. So does that mean you're buffalo bills individual or not at all? I went to the ninety s with the buffalo bills. I was a teenager when we went to four straight super bowls and June and Jim Kelly. could never bring one home. So my heart is forever broken by the Buffalo Bills I think, and it's been hard for me to follow them especially because then they were terrible for many many many many years. Will I be a fair weather fan? You're absolutely right. We'll be right if. They continue to keep going well, you know then of course, I'll support them. Okay. Well, let the Abby Wambach of broadcasting tell the actual Abby Wambach come on home the bills are waiting for you. They're pretty damn good right now go forward. I don't think. Bill's let's go. Let's go like the kicking keep kicking butt and maybe one day you'll sign me at the stadium watching you this mascot. That's it. Very good. Hey, abby. CONGRATS on the book. And I I meant it. You are an anytime guest anytime you WanNa come on, just chop it up whether you got something to promote or not I always enjoy our chats. Thank you. Take. Got Abby Wambach. Does that mean I should be wearing the blue armband. For the program while I'm whenever I'm at the Mike I, take it off and I give it to you. When I'm going to fill it up for coffee or I'm just trying to keep the analogy going. Keep it become. Great Book. And I'm not just saying that because the colors on the book what actually talk right there. But there it is. Okay. So let's take a break I. Want a news update from you sir. There's a lot going on in the sports world. We've got the NBA finals game four tonight. Four Major League Baseball Playoff Games, and your phone calls at eight, four, four, two, zero, four, rich all still come here on this busy Tuesday. Hey.

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