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Sunday's final 93. The burgers are back home tonight. Hosting the Cubs coverage starts at six year on WTMJ and in basketball. The short handed Buck's snapping a three game losing streak with an emphatic 1 24 87 win over the lowly Orlando Magic. Their three game road trip continues Wednesday night. Against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It's time for extra points. A sports opinion commentary on Wisconsin's Morning news. Here's Brian D. Halfway through the final round of the Masters. On Sunday. I was downright board no disrespect to her Ducky Matsuyama, who's a historic and worthy champion, but I was rooting for drama. It didn't matter who was atop the leaderboard. Nobody wants to watch a six shot victory in a major. That's exactly what her Ducky had on the back nine. I had forgotten one big thing. It's Augusta. At other golf tournaments. The players are battling one another. Not here at Augusta. The players are battling the golf course. It was only a matter of time until the back nine even things up. Sure enough, Matsuyama plunked one in the water at 15, bringing Xander's Shaw flee back into contention. Just one hole later, Xander did the same triple bogeying and playing himself out of the tournament. In the end, a six shot blowout turned into a one shot, nail biting win. Everybody, including Sundays, champion got humbled along the way. That's why before leaving the final green to celebrate, Matsuyama is caddy removed his cap and bowed in a display of reverence toward the 18th fairway. You see, the real star of the Masters isn't Tiger Woods or Jordan speed through Xander softly or had a key Matsuyama. It's the golf course itself. Augusta proved it again on Sunday. Today's extra points are brought to you by all right home and remodeling ends New Berlin heating and air conditioning. To your dinner conversation. Sound like this. How was your day by we can help you go from that do this. Did you hear what Steve's graffiti said today about voting? Yes. And what about that restaurant story Gene Miller had this morning. I know it's a free conversation starter right in the palm of your hands. Download that Wtmj mobile lab today and don't miss a thing. Randy Miller here. Owner of All Right home and remodeling. This is my son and sales manager Jordan. Hey, guys, we'd like to thank all of you for making 2021 of our most rewarding years yet rewarding and awarding. There's our best refer award from the Shepherd Express honors from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel..

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