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Cubic appear on the good year hotline. Right now, Toronto, at this time, every Tuesday, we do a little game, man. It's an old school one. I mean, it's like when you were a kid, we're taking you back to the sandbox. The tonka trucks and whatnot. It's real or fake. It's time for Freddie and fitzsimmons to tell you what is real? Oh my God, this whole thing is real. And what is fake? That whole thing, the whole production it was all an act. And it got us through it, our producer, terrorists, is here with a real or fake sister sledge, what do you got? Toron, real or fake. I had to think who I was starting with. You really did, didn't you? I really did. I forgot to pick who I was gonna start with toron. Real or fake. Jim Harbaugh will win a national championship as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverine. That is fake. I don't think that they don't have the horses to run with teams like Georgia, like Alabama. The SEC period, and also I think it's a matter of time before he bought to the NFL. TD, I agree with you. I think that's fake. And when we talk to Albert breer, what about an hour and 15 minutes ago, he had some very interesting insight at NFL teams came calling and nibbling last year and remember that was a two and four season for Michigan in a pandemic, but he has not had the success that everyone thought he was going to have. At Michigan, and you had big boy maize and blue alarms wanting him gone. Now those same alums are like, well, we knew it all along. He could beat Ohio State and win a Big Ten title and get to the college football playoff. And next year, we take that next step. Well, there might not be a next year in Ann Arbor. So I'm with you, man. I think that right now at the moment, I'm going fake because I think that he may be at this time next year. It's fighting for his playoff life in the NFL. Ian, real or fake, Joe judge will coach a playoff game for the New York Giants. That's a good one. And then it all depends on the general manager. Who's the GM? Because if it's gentleman, I would go fake. It's not gentlemen. You got to decide for yourself. I think Dave gettleman is going to be the show in the door. I think they're going to be patient with one more year with the gentleman. And I would point to Zach Taylor, it's Cincinnati. To the marrow family. Last year, everybody had him fired, and right now he's got Cincinnati in the playoffs because they got a key, a few key pieces. So I'm going to go real at some point he does take the Giants as TD is shaking his head emphatically and I've made him throw up on that microphone. I'm going real and I know where you're going. I am absolutely going fake. And I get it, you can mention the bangles and Zack Taylor, but they had something, right? They already had to keep peace in Joe burrow. So I'm going beyond just Joe judge. I don't trust Daniel Jones. Now unless they're able to flip Russell Wilson to New York. Then he's not coaching the playoff game. He's not coaching it. As you said, with that GM, Dave gettleman, but also with that quarterback Daniel Jones, I just can't trust him. I can't trust him at all. And I think it's really, you talk about guys who have kind of showed what they are, showing who they are. He's shown it. So you got to believe it. They need a new quarterback before they even can think about making the playoffs. Real or fake. Joe burrow will be the best quarterback in the AFC this time next year. You know what? Oh, yeah. I'm a go real. Joe did Joe burrow as that dude, man. And as long as he has that trio receivers to throw the ball to, and that back and Joe Mixon to turn around and hand it off to. I think he has the potential to be the best quarterback in the AFC next year. Hold on. I'm not going to do that. Let me catch myself. I was a prisoner of the moment. Patrick Mahomes is always going to be the best quarterback of the AFC, man. Let me slap myself for even thinking like that. No, that's fake. I think we're splitting hairs here, but I'd go fake as I'm going to give the edge to my home, but we all burrow is going to be any outstanding quarterback. For a long, long time, Justin Herbert is on the ride. Hey, man, Justin Herbert just broke Philip Rivers and Dan fouts a single season passing record for touchdowns. I mean, think about that. Philip Rivers and Dan fouts move over in year two as a starter. So I was splitting hairs, but just to answer the question, I would go fake, I'd still go with my homes. Ian real or fake. Matthew Stafford will win his first career playoff game this year. You know, my love for Matthew Stafford. My brother coaching for four years in Detroit. You know, I mean, I'm a big fan of 9. I'm going to go real 'cause I am extremely biased. I'm gonna go for 9. I think he does win his first playoff game. He should already have it, by the way. Against the Dallas Cowboys were a phantom DPI call, gets picked up against Anthony Hitchens of the left boundary with about four minutes to go in that game, and the referees never explained why the flag was picked up. Oh wait, could it be because it was at Jerry world? With Jerry Jones against the Dallas Cowboys, and they were the Detroit Lions, maybe possibly grassy Knoll, so anyway, in fact, I'm going real. I'm a big Stafford guy. I think it's his first playoff win. I'm going real. He gets his first playoff win, but it's because of the other guys. You know what I mean? And I get, you know, you're a staffer guy, but like I've said before. That was a double agent. You know, he's going to make plays for your team and make plays for the other team. And for that reason, I don't think that they go far in the playoffs. I do think he gets a win and again, it's going to be a strength of those guys like Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey. And Cooper Cup, you know, catching a short pass and taking it to distance. Okay, let's end on one with a little bit, I guess, more historic Wheeler to run real or fake. Despite not winning a Super Bowl, Philip Rivers was the best quarterback taken in the first round of the 2004 draft. Oh. You know what? I believe in situations. Right? And he ended up in a pretty good situation, but Eli Manning ended up in a better one and Roethlisberger as well. Man, as much as I love Philip Rivers, man. I love his moxie. I love how he talks trash. My gosh. Man, does he ever? And he has the best meme where he's kind of like just sniffing, closing his eyes pregame, but I'm gonna go fake, I think Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in that draft. I agree. And I'm amazed it took you that long. There's only three guys, three, three, and the history of the game that has to throw at least 60,000 yards and have multiple Super Bowl wins. Tom Brady Peyton Manning, Ben R, Andrews fake. Sorry Philip. 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