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DOT COM and Greg did a great job with that. It was photos I mean could always go and he would serve C. Street or general area because you knew you had a chance to be on his website and get. And get your photo failure with. SNC. I mean, it was the site back in and they had a ton of people checking it, and he would do the report similar to what I did but it was only once a day and it was never. Never at the same time. Consistent rally really never knew when it was going to be. It could be seven am or could be ten thirty, and so you're hitting refresh replenish. I WanNa, know what it what it's like and that was. Right I. Think. I mean we Kris Marshall had his is certainly surf camera to, but it was still relatively new. So you checked essence he served to see if he made the photos good at C. Street in any, we go to serve jets and check kids because Chris was the first one to ever put a live camera. Yeah, and So Kudos, to him but those two guys had the sites. But each one was lacking. One thing that I thought was important they. And I wanted in a wanted to see and one was You have to be consistent I, know thing in the morning Yup Johnson rise and then I started out as sunrise lunch and afternoon, and so I partnered with my buddy that east coast surf, Dot Com, and my my report will go to his site and then go to my site as well and so. Yeah, I just wanted to just to have something that would offer more throughout the day because I mean, you got angel that that have lunch breaks that might be able to take late lunch either forego, and then especially the disc jockeys that. Or clock and how God I Get Wet after work I. WanNa I WanNa know what it's like and granite conditions can change in the blink of an IRA so it may not be the same as it was at five thirty that it wasn't four.

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