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Hour sponsored by Comcast business. 4 48 and travel advisor here. The sky copter on the south side of delays are growing 75 door, people were down to just one right way block with that bad crash before Hudson rejected 2 24 the delays of the triple team traffic alerts. APP start before Highway 1, 55 and now travels over, Brent says that northwest of the McDonough Square the streets are all choked up with volume, and now a train is stuck on the tracks out there. We're going to go down and check that out. That's going to further add to the delays people trying to take 42 23 other roads as alternatives. You don't need alternative with that. 85 North is about 23 minutes for too many. Five up the whole Petri exit. 109 routine backups there. Mike Shields. Cool, Rick. Everything traffic. Sydor, usual brake lights on Florida, north and south on in Sandy Springs between Glen Ridge and Abernathy wrote a nice ride between Roseau, Alfa, Rhetta and coming. 75 worked on a great ride through myriad A all the way to act or 75. South don't see some brake lights. From South Murder Parkway down the I 25 5 75 orca unusual volume from Elstree Road, the highway 92 in Woodstock. This support is brushed by the Georgia Lottery. Hey, Georgia, you can play that Georgia lottery games online at home on your phone or anywhere going to g d lottery dot com and click on digit games. Triple team traffic 95.5 WSB, reconnect with a carpool or van pool and dried with people you know and trust safely by forming a commute circle with your rideshare group and following current safety guidelines you can enjoy Your favorite way to get to work in a safe manner. For more ways to ride safely to and from work..

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