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Hey welcome back let's call Kelly you guys met on a dating app you I had a great day you thought you were looking forward to seeing her again he reached out except you haven't heard from her no reply from her at all you want to know why yeah okay we'll call her now good luck thank Kelly hi Kelly good morning it's Friday and she calling from the morning radio show I guess that that was a cool if we keep going with our call because we are on the radio and I need your permission yes yeah thank you very much we appreciate that I'll tell you what we're calling about the woman name does seem a guy named Jess who you want to date with the member Jess yes I remember yeah doesn't sound very promising not at all what's going on mmhm what happened on a day to day started off fine but they're just things that it was just really bizarre so he started off any comment electrodynamic records watch now like wow really experiment yes it is but then it he commented on my paper and my Becky Johnson shooters and any like about what transpired like grand everything and it became like so much about brand the like not only with the professional but it was like really weird thank you I'm a little creepy working like the fashion industry or no I I just I would really blindsided by that every single thing like how much they like did you get that keeping areas recently like I know they were on sale like I needed you everything about all those women thank fashion style and it kept name dropping in a weird way like I've never had a guy named Dr in fact let me let me bring jazz into this age yes I can't believe how that plays out how do you know so much about women's fashion well I mean I read by magazines like websites and stuff I feel like it should be able to relate to women thought that if I revert back to being green get to know the product that they are in jail more available to me can happen then the talk louder and it turns you also like tell you don't want to be with a guy who knows what kind of shoes you're wearing in person all the rest of it we are looking for thirsty in like a little too much yeah it really like it this was overwhelming like you know I like I like a Gucci bag or something if I were to say that to me I wouldn't I wouldn't think but if they started rattling off had to toll labels that I'm wearing I would be a little like whoa that's and like knowing like the fact that they weren't this season but keep a hearing that there for a couple of new seasonally yeah he knew that they weren't the new one you know that like three years ago and wow on seasons Jeff indifferent about that being part correctly but they're not well that's kind of like I feel like some girls hill will get super overly into sports for guys and know every stat and every player when they went to college is that it's like it's just really you or did you research for this day click it didn't feel genuine like what we're talking more and like like I believe that happened stuff like that there is no mention of like women's fashion and stuff but like you we constantly get public on the day and it just like I felt like I would like on each year and your like pointing out all these different things and I'm like what happened the fed not my first date and I'm wearing like a either my cosco sweatpants and brought to you by my good will tee shirt he just didn't it felt weird so was turned off by the whole thing is there any way you can master can you forget that that happened maybe jobs you know backs off his knowledge of women's clothing and can you guys move forward I didn't feel real connection there it you know I can't laugh I mean did you have a look at it this way you can save some money on subscriptions to vogue I guess if we're not impressed by well best of luck to both of you I'm sorry it wasn't a match but thank you for being on the show with that for you guys out of you and a date and the guy knew all about women's fashion he like he knew about I I don't know what is your your your brands and that kind of thing I mean I don't mind if a guy is fashion savvy but if you're dissecting and on dressing everything I'm wearing and knowing every single label what season it's from that color was so last season yeah there's still progress since then white pants after Labor Day really I.

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