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40. Ryan through to the dark secret place live everywhere on the I heart radio app and lost lost in all of the nuclear Armageddon. Talk about you know, Iranian nuclear future or North Korea or whatever. Is going back to the beginning of things. How are some decisions made because no one knew exactly in May of 1945. No one knew exactly how the bomb really would operate. They had theories. And but someone had to pick the targets and think of the culture and think about the employment, the bomb and then the aftermath of the bomb. Let's get back to that. That memo very obscure Memo from the Manhattan Project 1945, the official German surrender, Woz May 8 on our calendar May 9th and the Russian calendar. Of 1945, So the use of atomic bomb to force a Nazi surrender was rendered mood. There have long been theories that we never work in and drop it on Europe anyway. On by and large by the way. Those are accurate because the employment of an atomic weapon on mainland Europe, with the Russians advancing on Berlin. Due to use an atomic weapon on on Berlin and it brought with it. Ah lot more complications. Then we wanted to deal with not only the fact that it was would have required that the bomb be, which was called the gadget by the way in the Manhattan Project, No one ever said Bomb Andre didn't even use Ignat nicknames, Little boy and Fat Man unless it was an official secret communications. They just referred to it as the gadget. So the same theory of dropping the gadget on a industrial town. As a demonstration was, it was still on the table for Germany. But thing is the defeat of Germany happened far more rapidly than the defeat of Japan. Um, And the other thing that was that was crystal clear. As we got closer to the Japanese mainland was that the conventional Uh, conflicts were getting Maura and more and more deadly per square mile Iwo Jima. In 1944 was a absolute wake up call after other wake up calls Okinawa in February. 1945. Okinawa, of course, was a Japanese province. It wasn't some outlying island. Okinawa was a province with Japanese civilians and the Japanese fought like devils. On. They did not give up Okinawa easily and it became clear to Truman. By March of 1945 that if this is how the Japanese fought as we got closer to their homeland than the invasion of the Japanese mainland was going to be the bloodiest battle in American history by Dad was on Okinawa. My dad was a navy Korman. On Okinawa, and he was a personal eyewitness to the to the horror of how the Japanese mistreated their own civilians, forcing them to commit suicide attacks. Also brainwashing them into thinking that we were there to murder. All the Children of the whole thing. Japanese civilians were jumping off volcanic cliffs. It was just a complete horror show. And when that was passed on to Truman, Um, Andre and Truman, of course, learned about the atomic bomb. He understood. We need this thing ready to go before we plan on before we ever invade. The Japanese mainland. We have to try this thing out. And if they don't surrender, if if what they say is true, and they don't surrender, then there's something really wrong and we got to invade that homeland. So Robert Oppenheimer. Of course, you know the physicist who was in charge of the the research and development of the gadget in the Manhattan Project. General Leslie Groves, the engineer corps guy was the overall commander of the big picture of the military side. The military application side. All the resource is that the Manhattan Project all the funding Of the Manhattan project called for and with all the thousands of PhDs and highly educated people who found their way to to Richland, Washington on Savannah River. Uh, Oakridge, Tennessee, Alamogordo, New Mexico and all that. It's interesting how, because no one had ever done it before. Never never had the weapon. It's interesting how they had to come together in committees. And come up with doctrine on how to use a weapon that had never been even tested. Remember the atomic bomb. The first atomic bomb was detonated on a tower in July. I'm sorry I'm late. Late. No. In July of 1945. That was the first actual proof of concept of the design. Of the fat man would work. And that you could actually cause a nuclear explosion by encasing a ball of plutonium in a outer core of explosives that would implode and crush it. So it wasn't until that was actually done, that anyone even knew that the thing would work even before they tested it, though they got together, and they said all right, because so much modeling had been done with elbow grease and slide rules. They had a 99% assurance The design was sound and that the physics were sound that you could actually create nuclear fission with conventional explosives, and the resulting explosion would be the equivalent of tons and tons and tons. Of TNT. So on 10 and 11 may 1945 summary of targeting committee meetings, the second meeting of the Target committee convened at 9 A.m., 10 May and Dr Oppenheimer's office. Site. Why, with the following presence, and then there are three partly there's four military officers, a general general Forell, a colonel, a captain and a major. And then the balance. The other nine are all physicists, physicists and weather experts on de engineers. None of them were cultural experts on Japanese society or anything like that. What were they there to determine? Well, how high is the bomb going to be triggered? What happens if we if we don't drop it, and we have to jettison it over the ocean on things like that? What about the psychology of the weapon? I'll tell you about what they decided on here in just a second. This this declassified document. Was top secret 1945 giving us some insight into what very, very smart people theorized would happen when the nuclear bomb atomic bomb was dropped. It is the dark secret place Brian suits back right after this case, If I am 6 40 live everywhere on the IR radio up plaudits defending with the news. Firefighters working to put out a fire in a duplex in Shadow hills have found a marijuana grow operation inside. L. A fire says the fire this afternoon on Wheatland appeared to start in the attic.

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