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Operated You're listening to WTO pneumo Ten 23 a man was found shot to death in hyattsville this morning Prince George's county police say they found the man in a parking lot just after two 30 That lots along New Hampshire avenue about a block away from the Maryland D.C. line It looks like round two of the trucker protest here is now over with The so called people's convoy had been staging at the Hagerstown speedway but the Herald male in Hagerstown reports that the speedway's general manager asked the group to leave and they took off Friday night The GM said the convoy was like when your mother in law comes to visit and decides to stay There's been an outpouring of support for a hero dog who died last week at the age of 13 Roni the Belgian malinois was a bomb sniffing dog and served on more than 380 missions in Afghanistan He was rescued by Mina harriman about 9 years ago while she was doing humanitarian work abroad Even in his Dutch continues to inspire people with his story When his owner shared his story asking for cards to read to him in his final days they received more than 1000 and Arlington county police officer Kyle Harrington put together a police procession It's a really hard hitting feeling knowing that fitting right in front of us was this dog who's spent his entire life pretty much serving overseas Gathering bonk WTO P news Playwright Edward Albee called it the greatest American play ever written and Thornton wilder's our town is now at Shakespeare theater in D.C. If I got to play put on my desk that did all these things now by a current playwright I think it was crazy You know And she wrote this in 1938 He broke all these kind of amazing rules It's just an incredible piece of total theater Director Alan Paul explores the everyday lives of two families whose children fall in love in the fictional small town of Grover's corners So it's about them meeting and falling in love and what happens to them after But it's also about life and death What it means to be in a small town in America and the universe So it's macro and micro about life Find out more on WTO B dot com I'm Jason feral WT tip he news Money news at 25 and 55 This is a Bloomberg money minute It started online selling sleek low priced razors a decade later Harry's gets more than half of its sales from physical retail Bloomberg reporter daniella sertori cortina says Harry's is looking to meet consumers where they are They necessarily want to push consumers into one particular channel It is about having your products whatever people are actually going to buy them Many direct to consumer companies are following a similar path Brands like warby Parker Brooklyn and the honest company although they're not abandoning ecommerce Interest has waned because for some companies it has been difficult to maintain growth and turn a profit And the two channels can coexist They kind of see the complementary sometimes you are at a Target Store You see Harry on the shelf but you might go back to the website and order it from there Or vice versa Harry's cofounder Andy Katz Mayfield says there's still a lot of unmet consumer need The company is looking to launch a direct to consumer brand need to offer something unique From the Bloomberg newsroom I'm Larry kofsky On WTO P A head intense heat could touch off storms here and elsewhere in the country It's ten 26 Introducing.

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