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But safe at exhausted Kennedy sue indicates arrived at the lodge. Ginny Shasha through Renton was paid for her release into caught on safari in Uganda. When her vehicle was attacked by armed gunmen. She was abducted together with a guy John Pulman gave him as a massive Ugandan. They'd security operation was launched closely monitored by the US who provided drone reconnaissance and intelligence support back home, family and. Frayn's prayed for a miracle. We're just happy that it had a good outcome as well as for her guide as well too. But we're looking forward to having her come home. The kidnap is used as phone to demand half a million dollars. It's unclear who finally paid the ransom, but it was substantially less than the asking price. Foreign tourists did not seem put off by the incident. I feel safe with the personnel here. And I think everything is well organized investigators still have no idea who was behind the kidnapping. But the hunt for the perpetrators continues along the Ugandan Voda, and the country's president has been swift to assure visitors that although he believes the pox safe security will be beefed up dip repetitive. CBS news intimidate Uganda. Back. You're in the US, Maryland man is being detained without bond. After federal prosecutors say he had been planning an ISIS inspired attack with the stolen U-Haul truck. At a popular shopping and entertainment center near Washington. Here's CBS's Kris van cleave. According to court documents Rondell Henry harbored a hatred for non Muslims for at least two years. He allegedly been watching ISIS videos online. Investigators say on March twenty six the twenty eight year old drove to Washington Dulles airport to target disbelievers, but arrived around five AM and found few people. So instead he headed to national harbor in Maryland police say Henry parked the stolen U-Haul, plotted and attack and broke into a boat to hide overnight. But the next morning police found the U-Haul and arrested him and people go to enjoy themselves. Have a good meal. Maybe do some shopping.

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