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Kevin lines yet president of bank of funding and I've got some great news for you property values are up and mortgage rates are at a two year low so put your home to work for you whether you're looking to just lower your mortgage payment have an adjustable line of credit to some nagging date okay cash out it's with a five minute phone call I'm AT one eight hundred three three three five one five seven online and confounding dot net equal housing lender all applicants qualified yari number oh one two seven six point seven loans made or arranged pursuant to department of business oversight California finance lenders law and MLS number two three six four one nine and three one nine four oh eight average mortgage rates published by Fannie Mae call for details I just received from San Diegans morning news join Chris Heller of Heller the home cell and the as we talk about the current real estate climate on real estate now a monthly podcast they can be heard on the on the website we'll talk about the buying and selling process plus you'll learn about the San Diego market what it means to you when your current real estate situation Chris Heller is a real estate leader with Keller Williams and has the experience and knowledge in the business you won't want to miss the podcast go to co dot com he worked Heller and remember Heller says your home sold guaranteed or will buy it the twenty twenty graduation is unlike any other we still have our traditions seventeen mobile supporting I heart radio's commencement podcasts and worked with DJ calla to create the trust your cap challenge on tick tock for every toss your capital T. mobile will donate another five dollars to the nonprofit jobs for America's graduates up to two hundred thousand dollars I hurt radios commencement podcast drops tomorrow listen on the I heart radio app for whatever you get your podcasts and check out T. mobile foster cat challenge one take the skis Darren and Jack people approach testing because the beaches are closed people are protesting because the beaches.

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