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The next you're blasting down a trail in the backwards using all wheel drive laughing as you dear curse balls but the dirty sal. Y'all boys go down. South make the most of each moment with an exceptionally capable toyota. Suv the ramp. Trt offroad toyota. Let's go places. Welcome in. i'm doug ali ben. This is all we got a great for you. The next couple of episodes charles jenkins is a fantastic player. He played for olympiakos last season. We'll get his part of this pod you'll find out what it was like to play Under kind of quarantine coverted in greece this past year. There's so much good stuff on this pot from his upbringing the a tragedy which took place when he was eighth grade balancing around high schools to how he made his way to hofstra to becoming a start. Hofstra playing really for two coaches but sort of three coaches at hofstra and what happened To being drafted in the nba. What it's like to play with steph curry to when when monty was traded like all this stuff. It's all on here so you're gonna love it. I'm i'm not gonna do a draft recap and go through guy by guy by guy but i do think what's fascinating is Some of the makings of these teams. Right these are the because if you look at the nba the teams in the nba finals. Whether they tanked or they were just bad and then they went for the full tank gusto. Phoenix was really bad. A couple of years ago milwaukee in two thousand thirteen. They were terrible and the building blocks of nba finals team starts in the draft right. That's a long time since nineteen ninety since two thousand thirteen english two thousand thirteen with milwaukee in it's not that long for phoenix but I mean i like the devon booker draft pick. He was the youngest guy in the draft that year. And you know. I learned from that and the tobias harris and so many guys that you're like it really good but they're only a he's only held. Oh that's that's that's different so let me just give you a couple of things that i find interesting. I thought houston did a really good job. you get jalen green who i personally kate cunningham. Better all around. But you do need guys that can score and this guy can score and he is. He is improved during his year with the g. League ignite like he's a bucket freak athlete. Who's becoming a better shooter. I don't know about decision. Makings in big games. Not playing a game for a couple of years with the rockets doesn't matter you got the second best prospect on the board. A wing score. Who's a freak athlete. I like it but then they got sanguine who alpern sanguine who's eighteen years old was a a machine scoring in turkey a very very high level. I thought he should have gone sooner. You know and then you look at what else they..

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