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Okay I obviously I can't see it but I'm getting guests that service quitting ten I don't know if octopus. I, it is a square because it's like a long gated. Yeah. You're right. All right and. Extend. Only six. Okay so I'M GONNA go. Squid with. Our CAN'T BE OCTOPUS RIGHT? Because that's chain weird with. Squid. Vase. Based, Pie. Hi. Hi We. got. Confused okay. All right. So good ten. So squid base. So or it could be like the Serb part is the takeaway from it like. Owning. Baser Qaysar Hey. Sir. That is correct curse. It's being Liana is besides herself its yourself right now. I am mind blown right Hey indeed, it was indeed a picture of serfs quitting did by the way. Mar You expertly described it's Got Leon figure that one out. Good Communication. So Sir Yeah Okay. So. Okay. So then And now a number eight Mari has to you what is your picture? Give.

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