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Yeah, it's about time. You know, again, we need to help out the sale going people. Just give them the rules of our own, say luck. Is we need to do. You need to do XYZ, it needs to be in this bank, blah, blah, right? Making a money market equivalent and be done with it. Dude, I'm not gonna lie, I de risk some stuff, like basically the same levels we're at right now. When some of the bank thinks started, I don't remember, it was like right, it was like whenever it was. At a level that does not matter. Kinda tempted to put it back. Like this looks, this is a nice weekly that we are closing here. And we just close on the S&P. Well, you mentioned eth BTC in a two year range. I think S&P is actually at the same price it was two Aprils ago. Yeah, right there. And even further back, right? 2021. Oh yeah, that's 2020. Yeah, no, you're right, you're right. And it's April 2021. Yeah, previous two years. We just spent one year above it in 2021 of hype and one year below it. 2023. I think that was also a round of stemis too. That could be wrong. I like that. It's a little S curve thing. Is that a chart pattern? I mean, probably some Elliot wave theory or something. To me, it just looks like. And on top, inverted head and shoulders below. But I'm going to take it to take it back to the highs and then dump it again. That sounds pretty good. Liquidity has to go up because they have to bail the shit out. Oh yeah. Oh, the tightening. The tightening and the right stuff. What they're not admitting yet, and they're going to have to. They have to choose between inflation and rates and rates can not go up. Can not keep going up.

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