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Welcome to the bruins beat on seal on us media my name is Evan Marino ski and the trade deadline has come and gone. So this episode is completely dedicated to breaking down the deadline. What we think of the bruins moves, me and Connor, what do we think of the bruins moves? What moves should they have made? And up front, no moves. What does that entail? Jake not going anywhere. What does that mean? Signing an extension too? Pretty weird deadline for them, but they are better. I will say, before we even get into the conversation, they're better than they were. Just how much better are they? Before we get in today's episode, though, always make sure to go support our friends over at bed online, use that promo code CL and S 50 to get 50% cash back on your first deposit without further ado because I know you guys want to talk trade deadline without further ado, here's my conversation. With Connor Ryan. And.

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