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And let's toss us review it. Hey we haven't gotten a review in a while. let's go man. We're out here popping up content what we could do. Listen we do this for the love of the game. We love you guys. We love our little community man. Give us some love on. Apple man helps algorithm out. Helps us spread oss around helps grow the community that i that we built man so well yeah go through us goddamn review and make sure it's five stats. Yeah we love our listeners. Fans that degrade to get some lula back to. Yes absolutely all right. Let's go positional props. You must start on me start. i'll let that maga. So you don't like this guy. I but i do and this is kind of going to be. I think gross. Wake like random. Golf where i think guys we miss fairways a whole lot guys miss scrambling get up and down for par. I kinda adjacent day. And that. I the potter starting to come around the ball. Strike has been alright. This year is open records. Actually pretty good. I get a tops way. Plus two seventy five. It's not high expectations for jason day. I'm not saying it's gonna win top. And i think he got twenty and watching withdraw midway through thursday. But you know what is with us. All right on. Jason i i mean i think we both were like alex. He played well. Rocket mortgage didn't go well with john. Deere that's fine. Just john deere. Yeah like like. He does a lot of the same things. Jayson day does not like elsinore. And plus three fifty for top twenty on him. Pollsters guy on for a couple of weeks. Now i let them at the scottish. He's gonna continue riding the momentum again. Like i mean i just i i like we've been doing with the iron placement better. I knew it can get up and down. He's good potter. Plus three fifty walk avenue mentioned yesterday. Russell hamilton playing little better lately to ever since the us open and he's got to straight top fifteen finishes good. I play his open records. Actually not awful. I think like he's got like a top twenty in their scott in our top thirty two. I think i think he's an alright supply. Three eight hundred twenty Ryan palmer's open. History is actually sneaky good too. He has three thirty finishes. And a t fifty eight so he played well last week. he's got some momentum. Reina's way by i gotta plus four fifty four twenty that alright though Hail mary imagine last night is rant. Synthetic or dead nephews. You think he is so an eleven eleven to one for a top twenty five. That's not bad suffer. And i got a couple of other guys for top twenty then. I also been outright because got a little longer odds. Just i'd like that. It's kinda just covering a little bit. But i'll save my conversation for them so later okra. I'll just. I'll just run through my real quick so i'm actually with you on northern poulter. a write down palmer got matt jones after you brought him up last night. How fucking forgot about him. I think this is ridiculous. Like love match a lot of money. plus nine hundred top twenty plus one hundred histories that great but is giving real wendy so everybody an my new favorite man the ear inn plus five fifty come on james stewart..

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