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Catholic church leaders launch an investigation into possible sex abuse of minors by clergy. He will review how this church has responded to allegations of abuse. Policies in the diocese. And responding to allegations attorney general Phill wiser says an independent commission will conduct the investigation, which will also include a support service and a reparations program for survivors. Formal charges are expected Friday in the case of an Aurora Matt accused of killing his neighbor in a dispute over a parking spot district attorney, George Brock ler says the nature of the crime. And the fact that the victim is a former C you football star gives the case a higher profile. I wish there was this kind of attention on every murder that took place in arapahoe county. But there's just too many today's court hearing was a formal advisement for Marcus Johnson. Police say he called nine one one to tell them he had shot. TJ Cunningham prosecutors Intel or county make their case against the man, they say murdered a woman whose body has not been found has to show enough evidence to prove that they believe Patrick crazy killed Kelsey barris on November twenty seconds. So we're going to hear from a bunch of police officers probably some Colorado bureau investigation people we see news producer. Carol McKinley is at the preliminary hearing and cripple creek Kelsey bears. Parents say they believe their daughter's death was the result of a custody dispute over Berenson phrase's one year old daughter may the force be with you the space force. President Trump today will sign a new directive aimed at formerly establishing a new space, focus military branch. The president had originally said the space force would work as its own branch on par with the status of the air force army and navy. But the directive he'll sign today would set up space force as an extension of the air force a move aimed at winning over skeptics in congress. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House sports. The Rockies will still have to deal with Manny Machado this season. Machado is one of the biggest prizes in the free agent market this off season. He played part of last year with the dodgers, he'll stay in the National League West after signing with the San Diego Padres the Rockies had their first spring training game of the season on Saturday when they played the diamond backs in Arizona you can hear that game. Here. Our coverage Saturday starts. At noon right now. On Wall Street, the Dow is up twenty five points. The NASDAQ is up eighteen SNP up five next news.

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