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And using my neuroscience background created a brand called rocket memory to teach people how to improve their memory and proceeded to enter twenty three different niche markets and built all these little niche websites and the process that we use vision to do. This is what's now known as a quiz. I wanna just draw audiences attention to something there. Okay so once you have this process you were able to build multiple recurring revenue business in a wide array of different fields from scrabble tiles. To caring for your orchids which by the way my orchid just died two months ago i wish i was part of that. Business carrying your. I'm still wrecked with guilt. I've been having sleepless nights because my occupied a violent debt but the key thing is this. How many of you here who listening today would love to be able to have your own business right. And the fact is the internet has given this. Incredible opportunity to doing secret is getting leads. And that is what we're gonna be talking about today. So ryan please continue. So did this twenty three different markets and then started attracting the attention of big businesses. That we're kind of seeing what we were doing. What i was doing and so companies like ako which is the parent company of paper brand here in the united states that is responsible for mead trapper keeper at a glance planners reached out. Companies like proactive. The skin care company reached out looking for help to builds a quiz funnel in their business to generate leads and customers online so started doing this and started working with a few companies that eventually led to these big acquisitions. I built a quiz funnel. In the gulf niche teaching people how to play golf that led to an acquisition by the broadcast company. Nbc here in the united states bill to quiz and the business funding space called lone builder which was acquired by pay pal for one hundred and eighty three million dollars and so it started having all the success in these different markets and decided to shift my attention to teaching other entrepreneurs how to do this. That golf business ryan. You said it. Quite because i remember reading about this. Remember that golf website where you created that correspondent. What did it get a quiet or you allowed to share. It was over eighty million dollars. What that simple now. What was that website again. The quiz that we created was for a brand called revolution gulf revolution gulf got acquired by nbc gulf. Pass for over eighty million dollars the brand now if you look at it online gulf pass so they rebranded the entire property to gulf pass and we built this funnel vision that at our peak. We were doing about ten thousand people a day. We're taking this quiz so we had ten thousand golfers taking this quiz building this massive audience of leads in customers in the process. And i remember because when i first started looking at your work i checked out this website because you referenced it in your book it's rising but it got quite for eighty million dollars so again key poincare to customer the person who's listening. Look maybe you build a nice acid revenue business. When i first started mind body for the first i was able to quit my job. The one year four thousand dollars a month from mind body but some of you may want to go deeper than that and that is the potential here building a company that could eventually be sold for tens of millions of dollars ryan. Please continue when i first got started. My goal was simple. And i quit my job at aig. My big goal my someday maybe goal mission was to make ten thousand dollars a month. I said i could make ten thousand dollars a month in passive income with a website online. It's all i would ever want and a few years ago. We past ten million dollars a year in the business. I'm about to talk about here. Which is our education business so after doing this for other companies. I kinda shifted attention. Something happened to me when i was thirty years old. My first son was born. And i started getting really sick. I started losing a lot of weight. If you're watching this on video right now about one hundred eighty five pounds right now drop down to one hundred and thirty pounds and at that time my wife said your father. You need to take care of your family. I think you need to apply for life insurance. In case something happened to i applied to life insurance and the life insurance application came back to not denied coverage so i called the life insurance agent. I thought it was a mistake. I said you know. I think my paperwork must have gotten crossed with somebody else's. I think it's a mistake. And the life insurance agent said it's not a mistake in fact i have your lab results from your exam and you need to sit down and he proceeded to read off what those numbers were going up the phone later that night my wife asked me she said hey saw we got that life insurance letter in the mail everything all set everything taken care of and i said honey not exactly. We need to talk. And when i explained to her the lab result she looked them up online and really broke down and i was in denial and so the next they went to the doctor's office explained to them. What happened doctor said. No problem will run some labs to corroborate the results to see if it's the same thing. Hang tight we'll be back in an hour. Wait in the waiting room. Our later. Dr comes back grabs me by the shoulders and says mr leveque. You should be in a coma right now. We need to rush to the emergency room and they proceeded to rush me to the emergency room. I was put in icu and intensive care and it turns out that at thirty years old. I was an undiagnosed juvenile type.

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