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If you look at my early keynotes, I always spent the first twenty minutes establishing the I was born in Russia. I did lemonade stand. Like a lot of people who are already shaking their head because they like most of my fans have to skip the first twenty three minutes of a video because like all right? I get it fucking lemonade Edison. I know it they want to get to the main point of the video. I think I think I think it's very listen. I always say watch what I do not what I say I made videos for five or seven years where I would give my back story, and I didn't care that it was annoying to some because the back story the first comic book number one is always the most important. So I do think establishing the back story is important. But it's something you can play with. Or you could be very clever with making your intro. Right. A thirteen second version of that back story. So there's a lot of ways to play. But yes, I believe back story really matters. I'll tell you this. And you're you're obviously extremely young dude. But for a lot of people here, the biggest problem, I have with backstories is people tweaking them to paint a picture that helps them in what they're trying to accomplish in the short term. So not only do I believe in backstories, but enormously. Really highly recommend to everybody that it's the truth. I mean, we're I'm watching people. I'm watching people. I went to school with high school talk about them being an entrepreneur when they were full student like all I need to do is have one day when I want to go into the comments, it'd be like Rick's full of shit. He was a student, and it's all over don't ever let somebody have that leverage over you. So the backstory should be like short, or should you go in detail while I look I think if you're doing a live event than you have everybody's attention. You could tell the full detail, but as you can imagine if you're putting out a video every day or often if you tell the same backstory in the beginning, it does create a bone ability. You see what I mean? So maybe for your video you do it once a week for a month full then in month. Monto you create a nice ten second version of it. And then that can play out for like a year. Right. Yes. Like where you're from. What how old are you? I think those con- blushing context matters. Like, you have you ever advantage? You're awfully young that makes it interesting. And I think that's something that you should play like everybody should play up there advantages summer young. Some are funny. Some are pretty like like like, I watch people see that they have advantages and treat them as insecurities or shy away from them when they should be leaning into them. Right. So I see a lot of young. People trying to act like they're more experienced when they should be leaning into actually being young. And having that context, it's why I said something that will bring you a lot of value for a lot of you. I told you document don't create the reason documenting is so great. I k just logging whatever the truth is the truth. You don't have to think you just have to live. It's why I'm a good public speaker. I only just sit up here and talk about my truth. There is no slides or any. I don't over think it. I'm just telling you, the current state of what's going through my mind and oftentimes it's similar to other shit you heard, but what's great about any piece of content is all you need to do is say one thing one way one time, and it's a completely different paradigm shift even Oates systematically at the highest levels. It's the same shit. You've always been saying. Do you know what the biggest compliment? I get is. When people Email me or leave a common Instagram and say a lot of my friends say Gary is repetitive. That's why they've stopped watching him or people Email me and say you'll bro. I don't want you anymore. You repetitive. That's the biggest compliment I can get. I mean, some consistently speaking my truth. Thanks, gary..

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