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And today's episode leonard and i will speak about his latest bestseller your conscious the key to unlock wisdom and creativity and solve all of life's challenges. Welcome to follow g. Oh it's my pleasure. Thank you very much. It is my pleasure as well. My listeners may not remember this but probably about three years ago. When i first started on radio you were amazing guests on my show today era show and so when you're publicist sent me information like oh my gosh. Of course i want you back. So thank you once again for gracing us with you today and i know we have so much to teach us. Well we all have things to religion. Yes we certainly do. How did you become the disciple of this amazing person in the himalayans. What was his name. So how did you become as. How did you become a disciple. I became his disciple because he asked me to be his disciple. He was my teacher. But i had never met him for thirteen years books. What i enjoyed so much about the books was that it was very reminiscent of my experience as a child in scouts. When i was a kid growing up in grade school and into high school. I was both a cub scout. None i was a boy scout and it was very practical learning so when i began reading the books by swami rama chee he sort of seemed like my scoutmaster on and It was very practical advice. And when i was a child i spoke to my scoutmaster because i had a question question had to do with the motto of scouts. I don't know if you remember. But the motto of scouting was be prepared. So i asked master when i was a little kid. Be prepared for what and he looked at me with a quizzical. Look how would. I know you know minute. That is hysterical. I present there's one person in particular. Oh i've never met. And i one day i will but i read this person's books. I hear this person messages as well and it in fact i was looking today at the gym and it really impacts. Me does so much to help some usually say focus. So i'm sure there's just my listeners and viewers have someone like that. Obviously leonard is one of these amazing people as well as you can listen to or to read his books and you'll get that information so it's so interesting how life always gives us. Teachers always gives us things to learn and so a teacher doesn't necessarily mean it's the most person you've ever met. It can be the innocence of a child in the loveliness of acceptance of a dog as as will say hi to everybody. I mean whatever it might be. There's always a lesson and to me. That's one of the biggest things is in every situation. I'm in court healthier unhealthy. I always ask myself. What am i learning about myself right now. Sometimes there's a lot of joy that comes with it and sometimes there's a lot of chagrin like oh get to learn this lesson again so that's really something i have my own life and i'm sure the year as well but i wanted to transition it just parenthetically. There's there's a wonderful word that folks should be aware of. And that's you catastrophe and it the prefix. Eu comes from the greek which means good so coupled with catastrophe. It's a good kind of catastrophe will will might cause pain. Yes might be unacceptable for the ego. Yes however somewhere. In that relationship there is a gift waiting for us. That's interesting yes. I knew that. I knew the greek perfect products of the park. But i've never heard it used in the aspect of your catastrophes. I like that. Thank you for teaching. That's that's something. I thought that encompasses the lesson. You know the the struggling. The blessing of the burden is always there. I like that word. It's a very concise. I appreciate that. I when we were talking to the recall. I i really enjoy your your message. Your brand if you will to use modern words but because it has so much you know you look at the class of a spirit mind and body ego superior whatever you want to call it whatever people call it but you do the same thing that i do a lot of ways when it comes to. Why did we do what we do. And why do we continue to do what we do. And that's find a healthier more more concise more specific intention of living life. And so many times we get lost. In the periphery there so much. There's so much happens in the world that we just forget. That doesn't have to be complicated to slow everything down and over. Deceive listen to you. Speak your very methodical very thoughtful. In what you say a very intentional. And i think just even you modeling. This is great. But i really appreciate all that you continue to do and how you help people really understand the consciousness. The non conscious mind unconscious mind whatever people call it to help them really understand what what's motivation to focus our. What's the reason why. I'm being or why i'm doing this. I wanted to look at your book here and my listeners. I can't see this but it'll be on me. What site so this book your as your conscious. You're conscious the keys to unlock limitless wisdom and creativity and solve all of life's challenges. What happened for you. That said i need to write us. What was the motivation for this book to be written. Well i think that the motivation would cove it. I was in court routine. Since march. And i i missed my students who came for live classes and for counseling and i said to myself. Well why am i here. Why why. why am i in this quarantine. How can i still be of service because service is the bottom line for me in every relationship. And so i said. Is there anything that i can. Gift my students and the world that will help them deal with this. Very very challenging carmen. This plans that are coming out because it spills over into so many different aspects of life. And what i came up with was your conscience so that everybody will begin to listen to the advice of jiminy cricket nineteen to let your conscience be your guide then even this this challenging cova situation we can. We can walk through them and benefit and.

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