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And there was mango puree and that went to twenty minutes of you frantically thumbing on your worth it all right well edit around that good podcasting that was tgi fridays hey it's ever regular statement we got three flavor varietals of the same snack and we're going to rank them it's flavor of the week and this week we've got the new my oriole creation so this is much like the lays do us a flavor these are some fans submitted believe collisions and they want people to vote for their favourite these look insane yes oh great i don't know about these these these look a little crazy the second one in particular which will get to salon orient so the first one is actually pina colada oreo this is an oreo thin and it's golden i'm gonna take one as as an oriole is did they only come as oreo thins nick yes so each of these only comes as a very specific same we'll be took every three okay now the next one is one of these will be i don't know about these ones go ahead go and take a bite and we've also got the kettle corn flavored golden oreos so that's the second one and the last one is the cherry cola and these are just regular oreo so these have the chocolate shell so i'm a big classic oriole guy big golden oriole guy like sometimes the birthday oreo but a lot of the more exotic ones i'm not as crazy about if you get sampled many of the the crazier oriented so weren't we aren't there's a kosher situation kosher like you really just orioles us instead of using vegetable shortening they use lard animal fat in them okay i'm i making more appetizing and so according to jewish kosher laws you can't have the animal fat so hydroxy used vegetable shortening and the hydraulics used to make a mint cookie that was really good i'm digging pinochle out i thought it was going to be stronger taste the kettle corn is better than the pinochle outta yeah the kettle corn it smells strange that smell then it it's better than anything like quite good the sort of corn issue.

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